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Scott Pilgrim is going to be his big chance to break out of the mold he has been cast in.

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I thought his comments posted yesterday lead us to beleive he wasn't.

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There is some thought that Lawrence from Lawrence of Arabia is gay as well. I'll have to dig out my Ebert's Great Films to get the reasoning for you though.

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Everytime I see an Arrested Development cast member I question why they aren't doing the movie. Then I remember its because Cera is being a little jerk. That show made you. Suck it up and do it!!!

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In a weird way it isn't pro-homosexuality as much as anti-anti-homosexuality.

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I'll assume you also fall under Manitoba's system according to your statement's wording.

So why should they be separated separated. What's so bad about a floppy penis? One is obviously is more vulgar but it isn't like it warrants a 15-A or something.

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Here in Manitoba, Canada this province has its own rating system. And it seems everything (unless it is has lots and lots of sex or gore) is 14-A. 14-A lets kids at least 14 years old in without a parent. MOst of the Apatow gang R rated comedies are 14-A here. Watchmen and Slumdog both had 14-A ratings. Only the stuff like hardcore torture porn films get the higher ratings.

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Yet the Soylent Green suprise is far far far less known amongst the common people. And Soylent is painfully 70's. Also Planet of the Apes (remake) shouldn't be an example for anything.

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They'll pull out the Klingongs. They are known amongst the populace at large and weren't in the first one.

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Of all the movies to be remade Soylent Green should be one of them.