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With some of the new changes, we are not longer "excited" about the Televerus product. There have been several things change in the last week.

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Looking through the Aio / Ceres Living website it is refreshing to see the wealth of information about the product, comp plan and even the policies. It was nice not to have to "ask the upline" for some of the most basic questions... they have already been answered.

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One of the things that impresses me the most is that they are a public company -- traded on the stock market!

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I just talked with Mike a couple of ours ago, and AIO has me quite excitied. I signed up right away! I never thought that I'd want to sell a nutritional product, but this has changed my mind!

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Oh no. I just put Intense Debate on one of my blogs. I hop that I don't have a problem if I try to change the theme later. Have you been able to get this resolved? I'm leaving a comment now, so I'm not positive.

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I find it interesting that people in general (no offense here is intended), have a tendency to focus so long on things they don't believe in. People who claim not to believe in a higher power seem to talk to me more about "God" than Christians (or other religions for that matter -- although I do not encounter them as often).

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Thank you for adding Intense Debate to your site. It should help add more comments (as I have never commented here before as an example). But I was a little suprised to see a video as a comment for this post, I don't see how it has much to do with the content of the annoucnement of adding Intense Debate as a feature.

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I know I am way late, but I recently discovered Intense debate, and I just love the rating feature. And that I can post on many blogs without creating an account on each one. Interesting thing, was I googled "intense debate blogs" and this one came right up at the top...

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Wow. Do I dare ask what the "cut off" date is?

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Wow. That is an amazing view of Snake River! Did you have to stand on a bridge to take that shot?