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You know what is more interesting? Bush started his second term by bringing up Social Security reform and how it had to be addressed or SS would become insolvent sooner rather than later. What did the Dems do? They lied and scared the pubic, esp. the senior citizens into thinking that Bush was going to take their SS away. That's how the Dems operate: they lie and fear-monger until the gullible public freaks out and causes the Republicans to stop. That's why I stated earlier that the RINO's have to be voted out.
BTW, who are the Repub. leaders who told the Republicans who had some good ideas about health care reform to immediately stop with the ideas in order to make BO look bad? Can you state them and quote them? Let me know ...thanks ... Teeth, VA!

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Where or what were you watching LAST YEAR when the Republicans wanted to discuss heath care reform with Obama and he was quoted as saying to them, "Too bad, we won, you lost." And speaking of meeting with Republicans this year, I watched the the health care summit he held with Republicans. Paul Ryan made his case and Obama was speechless- didn't have answer. So what did he do during this summit? He filibustered. I guess his M.O. and directions from Soros/Axelrod is to just keep talking and filibuster over and over again. You are drunk on the Marxist Kool-Aid.

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WE vote them out and we WILL win more elections. The reason we are in the minority is because there are too many RINO's who want to reach across the aisle. When have the Dems done this in recent history? Thank God we are the party of "NO".

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Say what you want ... try to separate and demonize ...that's so typical. Can't you lefties try some other method? We are on to you. THis country is different from the other (Western European/Canadian) countries.

We were born from freedom and you cannot fool us anymore. I have lived in the NE all of my life and have had it it with the "intellectual elites" who think they are better and smarter and more productive than the rest of of the country.

How dare you ... you are the ignorant ones who basically couldn't shine my shoes ( you wouldn't know how).

My deceased mother is rolling in her grave right now. She came here after WWII from fascist Italy and was seeing the way this country has been going for a while now and warned about it. She was right.

She loved the USA and she and my other immigrant relatives do too- yes the ones who live in the NE. They are alarmed because they have been working all of their lives and for what? ... to give their $$ to elitists like you.

Yes, the elitists will get it because after all... under fascism, marxism, nazism, socialism and communism.... it's only $$$ and power to a few individuals at the top and the masses all suffer.

You make me sick. We are not fooled and we will fight to the end to get our country back on track to what our Founding Fathers had envisioned. If we do leave to go to a ceded Texas, who's going to support you lazy bums.

Got that? ... you spineless cowards.

A 57 year old health care professional since 1973, working since age 14 and who has a college degree. Someone who loves this country and will fight for it.

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If the country is going to "he-- in a hand basket" and if Texas cedes, we will move to Texas. What will your state/country be called? We will move there, a place which will let us live our lives in peace and freedom and not as mindless robots of the federal gov't.

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Harry, you are correct. I am printing this and bringing it into work and attaching it to the fridge in the lunch room. I will keep copies in my car and when the occasion arises, have a copy available to distribute. I am going to forward this to all in my address book.

I have been polite when people disagree with me because that's the way I was raised. But the opposition is never polite- it always results in name calling and ridicule as a way to silence me and others.

NO MORE. I will be armed with knowledge and will think about "their" way of doing things so it will give me the courage to speak up when I hear the opposition speak untruths and falsehoods.

My immediate family "has had it". We have been to three rallies since July 4, 2009 and we will not take this sitting down anymore. Plus, NO MORE RINO's- you see where that got us.

The Evil statists have awakened a sleeping giant and will regret what they have done.

NO, NO, NO, WE WON'T!!!!