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The reason this happens is because apps like Cydia and iFile essentially put the device in a pseudo safe mode of sorts. There's nothing you can do about this; it's the way those apps were designed and they act in such a way to prevent the potential for serious problems to occur.

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Thanks so much!

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Glad we could help!

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Apple's updated the software since this article was posted and they now offer the feature to choose which icons are displayed on the iPod so this hack is useless now.

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Try renaming it and at the end without adding any spaces, type ".exe" and that might solve your problem.

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As it says at the top of the post, "It seems this jailbreak has been rendered useless. Whoever was hosting the jailbreak files (Saurik?) has denied access to them. Trying to jailbreak your device using this method will most likely result in an HTTP 403 error."

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Thanks for the support and we're glad this helped!

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Whether or not you're a Mac user has nothing to do with this. You simply cannot understand the article, plain and simple. If you want a a different guide, go to the following link and follow the steps.

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Only GSM iPhones have the SIM card slot. CDMA iPhones do not because they don't use SIM cards. You should be able to unlock the GSM version and use it with Movistar. I can't tell you for sure, though. Try it and if it doesn't work, just return the phone.

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You don't need the original carriers SIM card. All you need is an internet connect (WiFi).