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This kind of thing will only become more important as times goes on, in my opinion. So much of the progress online is directed towards social and interactive properties and tools.
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If you actually follow through with these tips then you'll be sure to see search engine traffic, at least in time. Few really keep at it or take note of these kinds of factors, though.

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What an excellent cause!

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It's certainly not practical, but if this is what he really wants nothing anyone says will change it. I know I'd never even tat my face.

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Using a CMS like Wordpress is definitely the way to go if you want simple management for your site. WP is easy to use and you can tune it to your liking if you choose. It's a great solution for the majority of those looking to create their own website.
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Netflix over everything.

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Google is certainly headed towards faster and stronger all the time. They're actually starting to make people strive for creating better web content, which makes for better results. I'll definitely be waiting for crack though.
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My brother is picking up the game for sure so it won't affect my decision (technically there isn't one). With that said, it would be very wise for Treyarch to include zombies in black ops. It's a simple as that.

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Thanks for that YouTube.

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As long as you put out consistent effort, you will see traffic to your blog. I think too many people stop putting in the work when it matters most. You've got to have a lot of patience and realize that your efforts will most likely not pay off immediately.
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