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i definitely met him!!!! oh my goodness! he is sooo funny!!
love him so much, legit cutest person i know <3

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Very good trailer! im happy that they didn't include too much in this one. It always seemed that for new moon and twilight you could get the entire plot out of the trailer, and already know whats going to happen before you even see the entire movie.

A++ congrats. im loving it = )

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i like them. yeah they may look different, but its not like we can expect them to look the same in each movie. they may be playing vampires, but theyre still human in real life.

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lol thats awesome. the telepohne video is pretty good, and it truly is like a mini movie. obviously its not for everyone cuz half of it doesnt even make sense, but none the less, its a fabulous video. and lady gaga stands for being your own person, being original, and not letting people take over your persona.

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these are amazing!!! wow! i really like how the artist embodied everything that she has done, not just the twilight phase

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awesome!! finally something i actually want to know about!!! when does it come out? looks like its going to be a good seller

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uh there is a reason why they call it a teaser trailer. its teases you. lol. well look at it this way, it was ten more seconds than we didnt have yesterday. =) and yeah kristens wig looks shaggy, but maybe there is a reason her hair looks disheveled. we're fans, not critics. so lets enjoy this.

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wow!! i really want to see this movie! cant wait! going be awesome.

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wow, theyre stunning. what a change from a year ago. wow.

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have him! lets end the tirade and just take whats rightfully ours. kristen can go hook up with someone else. = )