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One thing is for certain is that the world changed.

Bin Laden - Poor virgins
Quebec NDP caucus - Poor virgins, Mr Harper thinks you are scrumptious.
Jack Layton - Hahahahaha, maybe there is enough brainpower left in the Liberal power to hang back on those merger talks long enough to watch this character fizzle under the Con majority. Is he the last Canadian to realize he is irrelevant? Great comedic potential is all you can really expect from the NDP for the next 4 years.
Iggy - Whoops that was a mistake. To stay with the virgin theme, he is no longer a political one.
SH - bend over Canada Leftists. This won't hurt a bit.

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I can't help but think SH must be elated.......ELATED not only at the majority but at the orange cannon fodder that he is facing for the next 4 years. Good luck orange surge.

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If he makes it 6 years as an MP he will have a lifelong pension courtesy of you and me. At age 25. wow

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Ummm no he can't! Spiteful, gloating and angry just like his role model SH.

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I love how the Conservatives will go to the ends of the earth to justify their bad judgment rather than do the right thing and apologize. Predictable as they take their cue from the man at the top.

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"and engage in the worst kind of petro-populism."

How do you characterize reducing the GST, a consumption tax, rather than reducing an personal income taxes? I'm far from convinced that the NDP are good stewards of the economy but I am not in favour of a Conservative government that trumpets a GST reduction and does nothing about personal income taxes and at the same time reduces corporate taxes as fast as they can get away with.

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Torpedoing Iggy with non-stop attack ads for a couple years only to see Jack pop up in the polls must give the Clownservatives a real a$$burn. For that reason alone I like it.

Re: "The Massage"
Yawn, non-issue. I hope it blows back on whoever the culprit is. It sounds like this story was widely known in the MSM for at least 3 years but only Sun Media was dumb enough to think it was newsworthy. What do you expect from amateur clowns??

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The scenario where the NDP form the official opposition has the most humour potential and the one that would drive the Clownservatives the most crazy. Imagine spending millions for a couple years to beat the Iggy=bad message into Canadian heads only to have Jack 'in a box' Layton pop up and be the new bad man in official opposition. Ooops. The cons never say that coming. Time to retool the attack ads.

Other humour potential: Being a fly on the wall in NDP caucus as they try to cost out all those wonderful promises they won't be able to keep.

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Yet another interesting election projection polling website. They are everywhere!