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Thank you so much for this two part post on your vision of discipleship. It was very encouraging and affirming. Thank you for your faithfulness and humility in sharing with us.

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Yeah, I'm flooded in light... and I love your thoughts here.

One thing I once wrote about light is that it loves the dark. Light loves the darkness. It is attracted to it and wants nothing more than to invade it.

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Wow, this is good. Thank you.

One of the core values at my church in regards to community is that, "Structure always submits to Spirit." Your post gives the exact thought and explanation behind that, and in such a beautiful way.

There has to be some sort of foundation and common ground for any movement to take place in a group of people. The structure is the foundation, the static and firm basis for the dynamic and flexible movement of life. Church leaders must continually remind themselves that structure is a tool, not a goal. Structure should never be glorified.

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Great post! It's difficult for us to understand that eternal life has already begun. Life in the Kingdom, as a disciple, is eternal life. It isn't something that will happen some day when we die, but right now as we choose to operate in the Kingdom. That's good, real good.

Jesus did set out to show this rich young man that he was lacking something. This might have been the first time he had ever felt inferior in his own works. He admittingly was a goody two-shoes rule follower who didn't think he'd done anything wrong in his life. His sadness was needed in order to show him his real need--Jesus. The idea of dying to himself was tragic. He desired God's power, but not God himself. This is where I, we, struggle as well: desiring God above all else. When we desire to be with God, #1, #2, and #3 above happen naturally in our lives and we experience eternal life right now!

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Yeah, we have to remain teachable at all times, inquireing of the Lord. Great thoughts. Thank you!

Here are some questions:
What areas do you need help?
What risks have you taken?
What story are you living?
What are desperate for, crying out for?

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Ben, this absolutely holds true for me, my situation, and my community. I like how you said "missional people don't fall out of trees." I've experienced in my own life that without a full compelling picture of the gospel and the narrative storyline of it in scripture that I don't understand what it means to be missional. When I start to look at the gospel and the "here-and-not-yet" kingdom of God I am convinced and, as Paul said, am therefore compelled to live on mission. (2 Cor 5:14-15).

This post gives much clarity to my experience and how my belief is growing. Thank you.

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I bet most times, if not every time, when Jesus was teaching he was teaching about the process of discipleship. I need to read scripture this way and how you've explained it here about this parable. Thanks for sharing this!

I agree that most Christians are in the "thrid soil" group not knowing how to produce fruit because all they've ever been taught is how to consume. Consumerism is the major barrier to producing fruit.

Great post, thanks.

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Thank you for writing this, being vulnerable, and sharing your heart.
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My wife and I also need to start going to bed earlier so we can get up earlier. I should do all my writing and reading the morning before the kids get up. But I don't get up early enough. Then I resort to spending my entire lunch break writing and reading.

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It will take an eternity to satisfy our lists. But, hey, we've got an eternity.