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There's a huge difference between revolution and a totalitarian takeover. If these protesters had their way, they would enlist the govt. powers that be to force their will onto the private sector. Note to the Left: Wall Street is not a govt. entity. If you really want a revolution, go to the White House and tell those tax sucking elitist delinquents to get the hell off your lawn.

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The Constitution contains "penumbras" and "emanations?" Who knew?

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If Jammey's strategy is to kill us with pointless tedium, he's done well. Especially if Allah hands out rewards according to how many words you can cram into a mindless rant.

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So sez someone who clearly knows nothing of the comics genre. Marvel comics was anything but childish. "Little Lulu," you might have a case. As Comic Book Guy might say, "Worst comics analysis ever."

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Like so many of the Boomers that embraced him, Lennon spent a lifetime trying to live down his middle class roots with his working-class-hero posture-- a cartoonish affectation that leftists found romantically appealing. It was something I never took too seriously.

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Dude, I don't know what time warp you beamed down from, but Thurmond has been dead for 8 years. And trying to compare a man who entered politics in 1947 to a man who entered the NFL in 2005 is like comparing apples to uranium. At best.

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Jacked-up beyond the point of Ebonics? I doubt you've ever heard any such thing. Even one example would be surprising.

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Justifying bad behavior with weak moral equivalence arguments is a game that many children learn to master. Not coincidentally, it is also part of the Left's bag of lame rhetorical tricks.

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So is this show actually available to the public? I've never seen the network on cable or satellite, and never would have heard of Current TV other than having read about it on NRB. Do you need a HAM radio to get the broadcast? Citizens' Band? Walkie-talkie? Semaphore?

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A DoD official for 34 years? Scary. The man started out somewhat reasonable, and ended up so childishly naive that most anyone could conclude that intelligent discussion wasn't possible. I guess I should thank you, David, for wasting your time so we wouldn't have to waste ours.