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Okay, this is very sad and touching and all, but let's rewind a second. As an enthusiastic collector of swear words, what the hell does p****rt mean. Best I could get was pigfart, but dear god if that's censor worthy, I'm headed to Nintendo Guantanamo.

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I was going to play the game, but I heard the camera had some issues.

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Okay, I'll concede Objections! for sure. I can't believe I forgot those. I love 'em.

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Okay, let's see...

1: "First!"
2: Insulting anyone who yells first until they're too far down the thread to bother.
3: Witty response to post
4: Trolling
5: "Hey dudes, there's a troll!"
6: Image response (Bonus points if you don't format it)
7: <img= I_fucked_up_my_html_tags.png>
8: "Hey bro, you fucked up your html tags. Let me get rid of that edit button for ya."
9: "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!"
10: "Something something CHURCH OF FALCON YEAH!"
11: "More like HAT Fortress 2, amiright?"
12: Other, less resilient memes that eventually become terrible ideas and we stop.
13: "Yay, I got to 100p"/ "Lol, my e-peen is 69, and this comment while become outdated almost immediately."
14: "Congrats! Something something monocles and tophats!"
15: "Guys! I'm hyper paranoid and see a -1 troll anytime a score goes down! +1 every comment for great justice!"
16: "I enjoy giving my opinion on things, but I'm afraid of an arbitrary number that reflects my online popularity, despite that it only ever goes down if I'm severely racist or trolling, and basically never happens to real opinions. Please don't -1 me!"
17: "Aww, here's a +1 for not being afraid! Also, I am the reason that everyone is above 50 within their first week."
18: Unintelligible.
19: "Sean, please fix the forums!"
20: Sean: Getting around to fixing the forums.

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Shawn! Quit posting on Christmas!

Go abduct a family and spend time with them.

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He's here to kickass and take jobs.

And we're alllll out of jobs.

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Another intelligent article. But you may wish to fix the wording in the Buffet quote.

I hear millionaires are notoriously fragile.

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The good news is that since the series can beat itself now, I'll be able to jump right into this one without having to actually play 15 or so years of Final Fantasy.

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Refusing this quest, on the other hand, will cost you half of your gold and inventory.