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I am surprised that no one has addressed the root of the problem: the actual words of the Constitution permit exactly the government we have. I think the Constitution is the best document yet adopted for establishing a limited but vigorous national government, and I refer to the whole document and not just the unamended 1787 original. But certain clauses are simply too loose in their wording, the first and last clauses of Article 1 Section 8 among the most conspicuous. It was a great start, but the words need fixing.

I do not advocate "kicking the Constitution to the curb", but it is both utopian and naive to make appeals such as "strict construction of the Constitution" or "return to the Founders' intent." Before taking exception to that sentence, I would ask any poster whether they know of the warnings of the Constitutional Convention delegate Judge Yates, who argued against ratification as Brutus (see, inter alia, "Why the Words of the Constitution Matter" and whether they are aware of the extent to which every single Founder, once in office, found good reason to expand Federal power at the expense of State and local powers. Madison, in particular; before appealing to "Founders' intent", be educated by his many letters 1821-1836 in which he defended all the Federal expansions that occurred from 1789 on.

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On second reading, the article just gets better. Kudos, Hennessey!!! May we take the lesson and GO with it!

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Publius, on behalf of us all, offers both accolade and information. THIS is great journalism! Slanted, biased in favor of a point of view? YES, but honest about it, not self-righteously hypocritical and disinformational. What a refreshing contrast this truth-telling is to the propaganda spewed by the iNazi crowd.

This writer, this site, and the entire effort by Brietbart deserve every journalistic and civic award that exist. Truth is a bitch to the idolaters, making their well-laid plans for tyranny just a little less competent.

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Ms. Giles, you and your journalist partner put the New back in News. You are REAL jounalists, and deserve all the kudos you receive.

Your points about the MSM focusing on "what bait what used" instead of "what fish was caught" show good insight and a talent for writing. Fun metaphor!

Keep it up, we need each other to keep at it, our country needs us.

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Great article, Mr. Hennessey! An example of FOCUS, an example of ACTION.
This cycle is an opportunity like none we have seen in our lifetimes, nor are likely to see again. 2012 will be too late if 2010 doesn't halt the slide into International Socialism. The iNazi brownshirts will be emboldened and empowered - do not dismiss Oblama's call for a CIVILIAN army.

The Fifty website posted above is one way to focus our anger and our power. A national way is and the process works. the website is lame, amateur like most of us, but the idea is SOUND. Go to a mock Selection session, then make up your mind. We have got to FOCUS.

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You want GOOOH. It has already begun exactly what you propose.

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Grayson nuts? an insult to nuts. Maybe Lollipop.

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He's definitely having fun yet.

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CAIR is thanking Iran for... 1. helping to fund the attack on Michael Savage that has been (so far) successful, mm-mm-mm. 2. helping to fund the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama mmm-mmm-mmm. 3. helping to bribe Homeland Security to leave the group and the Muslim Brotherhood alone to continue their treasonous activities, mm-mm-mm.

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Well-written and well-research article. Another good argument against Obammunism, and uncovered by the MSM. If it were covered, the MSM would be interviewing the hate-peddlers like Sharpton and Jackson, who would probably make up some lies about Dr. Carson to try to discredit him. He is black and conservative, so he's on double secret probation already.

I saw that presentation of the Medal of Freedom and was so proud of him, and I agree with the earlier poster who liked the Cuba Gooding Jr. movie about him.