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Could you imagine the traffic jams? Chicago is bad enough! It'd be like Chicago on a holiday for waaaay too long! Trucks have to get through and deliver food. The whole area would suffer with something that big going on. The southern tip of Illinois could use some traffic though.

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Yeah it's not exactly Amazonian temperatures in that area lol.

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Hard to believe the bank would cash them, because they would have already gone through the process of getting accounts there. If they cash checks that big without accounts, then they need a policy change. I'm leary of any bank, but National City has been around and helped my wife get an account on the spot so she could keep her college money in there. Could be then that these people were posing as students also because they have a special when you are a student that you can get set up with no red tape or fees or something.

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We need to send troops into office building and stop the bullshit!

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So should every business and school come forward and take the blame for all the usual annual quick spreading illnesses that may or may not be 100% originated from the specific location?