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100% agreed! God the Holy Spirit does not work apart from His means of grace - God's Word, the waters of baptism and the Lord's Supper.

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RE: "The fact that a Christian is looking more like Christ every year is a testimony in and of itself to those who aren't Christians."

Please know that I'm not trying to nitpick here, but if a Christian somehow appears more like Christ each year (I feel uncomfortable even typing that, honestly), it would be solely credited to Christ and not to the Christian or her efforts to be a better Christian. I don't see how a resemblance to Christ would draw anyone to faith; only God draws people to faith. Doesn't mean we shouldn't give up our attempts to be faithful to the Lord, but none of us will achieve Christ- likeness on this earth. Even with his f bomb, Bono is no less a Christian or a witness for Christ than others. He certainly offends some , while simultaneously drawing others. I'm thinking that the people who suddenly hear God's Word proclaimed through Bono might not have been reachable by traditional methods. I'm thinking perhaps a cousin I know whose been a tough nut to crack....

Sorry, can't quote any famous smart people! ;)

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It strikes me that Bono uses his God-given vocation of music very well. He excells at his music and uses interview opportunities to naturally bring his God-given faith into the discussion. He also puts his faith into action by helping others. A great example of vocation for us all. And his use of the f word, well that's a bad habit. It makes him a real person, not a phony Christian I suppose. His use reminds me of that clip of Bobby Knight explaining, well, um know what he was explaining!

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I think we have been viewed as a Christian nation by others outside our country, a reasonable conclusion based on the number of Christians in the past, but we are not actually a Christian country. In my generation, I watched right-wing Republicans try to re-image our country as a Christian country...I bought into that argument for a short time. Now, I am thankful to live in a country that currently respects all religions, including Christianity, but I don't EXPECT this ( His kingdom is not of this world). It's a blessing that might go away in the future.

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She is beautiful and very real. I LOVE her eyebrows! I am concerned that she will be exploited, though. Her voice brings tears to most people and I have never EVER seen that look and smile on Simon's face. What a blessing from God to hear her sing! Still, my woman's intuition tells me she is very vulnerable. I will pray for an honest soul to manage her opportunities.

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The last part of my comment got cut off...

I think that with solid, on-going education in our Christian faith, we manage to fend off most of the lies...but we all fall to at least one of the lies (alcohol or food to solve problems, piercing to make me feel more special about myself, premature sex to feel loved, etc). Slim for Him sounds like it is another bad idea born of glory theology or maybe pietism, though I haven't researched it. I am so used to seeing bad ideas floating around in church that I've become quite skeptical. I got an invite to a popular marriage seminar at an ELCA (non-demon megachurch wannabe) church and researched it online. Yet another program built on the sands of lies - your marriage can become strong if you just become sin-free as scripture promises. Really? Where does it say that? I want to send back the invite with a note that my church holds a marriage seminar every single Sunday morning! Should I? Would that be mean? It's true! :)

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Wow, this thread looks like a Trekkie convention! lol! I also grew up on Star Trek and was about 12 year old when it sadly dawned on me that I probably would not be working on a starship as a grown up. I also was a huge fan of the Next Generation series, but none of the other shows on space life ever caught my interest. When I first saw clips of this new movie (last summer?), I was dismayed and skeptical. After seeing Leonard Nimoy promote it at that theater in Austin, I figured it must be OK or he wouldn't get behind it in such an involved way. I will definitely go see it in the theaters...and I never go see movies in a theatre. Pretty sure LOTR was the last time (we rent lots of movies for home).

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I think you would find the same treatment in most of Minnesota, even in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. My husband's family comes from rural Minnesota and the Aberdeen, SD area, so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I both like and dislike that passive aggressive "don't make a scene mentality", if that makes sense.


As far as suburban values, I've lived in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities nearly all my life (except for about ten years of teaching in various small towns). It's so easy to have too much privacy and to live in isolation. It's not often that I am confronted with the realities of my neighbors' lives. I have to purposely seek that out...and don't do that often enough. And in the suburbs, its easy to choose a church far enough away from your natural territory that you never see another church member during the week. Again, I both like and dislike that...being of a dual sin nature! :)

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I don't care right now. Can we sort out who did what in the past AFTER we fix the economic crisis? If my family's business is struggling, do we get to make public a list of who "wronged us" or blame those who did less than their job? No! We correct things, make policies to prevent future abuses and move forward. This era of liberals trying to "out" people and ruin our children's future just for spite is AS IRRESPONSIBLE as those who "caused" the problems in the first place. And besides, we are ALL to blame for excesses of the past; we ALL allowed it. You cannot single out one person or group of people. We cannot continue on the path of removing our entire face to spite our nose.

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What a blessing to live in a country where someone can politely but firmly criticize the leader of the country! Maybe it is the accent, even in the UK. Did the Prime MInister then use his position to attack and intimidate his detractor? Did the Prime Minister then swagger to the podium and with a condescending smile remind all that this debt was "not his fault"? Imagine if this man later announced in public that he, respectfully, hopes that his PM and President Obama fails? Oh wait, he already did! Are Hannan's opponents calling for his ouster and for "fairness"? Can we import him to America? Please...

Although we separated from the UK long ago, I have long felt that we remain kindred spirit. I have made it a point to make sure my own kids are knowledgeable in British history and literature. It is ironic that those who were once seen as our oppressors have remained true friends for many generations in American history.

Hannan's call for Brown and Obama to fail at G20: