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I know. This is meant to be funny. Most what I am reading in the comments here are people complaining (1) about GQ or (2) about how badly Boulder dresses, or (3) what's wrong with Boulder in general. I just laughed at the article and read how GQ trashed all the cities.

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I'm really surprised at some of the comments. (1) The list is tongue-in-cheek. It thrashes 40 cities. It isn't really picking on Boulder. (2) There are 39 cities that GQ has decided are worst than Boulder (including all the major cities in the country that are known for fashion), so Boulder is considered the best out of the bunch. I'd say Boulder came out looking pretty good.

I thought it was pretty funny, actually. It just plays on everyone's stereotypes.

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I found the whole thing fun to read. There are 39 cities on the list that are worse than us and they seem to cover every major city in the country, so I would say that by default we are the best dressed city in the country. Actually, it's more likely that we are perceived by GQ as the least obnoxious of all the cities. Our attire is pretty neutral, mostly practical clothing from REI, Patagonia, North Face, Title Nine, and the like.

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Someone suggested techies (and I am sure it would work for musicians) bring an extension plug with multiple outlets so that you can turn the rare free plug you find into a sharing device so multiple people can run their phones/laptops. You'll make instant friends that way.

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Very interesting idea. Since with many venues, you have to go through them to get a ticket, and pay whatever service charges they set up, how do you plan get around this? Are you pitching to the venues? Are you going to artists/promoters who create their own events and control ticketing?

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A company like AEG, which has a network of festivals, could create a circuit for up-and-coming artists. The question may be, however, the extent to which fans have the money to go to festivals. That's why I think the past, present, and future of live music may be local music scenes. It's not glamorous, but it is cheaper for both artists and fans.

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Will letting land be held as private property give people more access? I would think not. Isn't it better to acquire it and then work out the use as we can? If we don't buy up open space, won't it just be subject to development?

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I saw it on Pearl Street a couple of weeks ago. Now I know who it belongs to.

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I didn't see that movie, but it reminds me why I need to check out "Mad Men." I remember the 1960s.

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I caught all the Hill shows last night. It was a very impressive line-up. It was the strongest "one evening" collection I have seen from the Triple A in recent years.

I had seen Day showcase at the Triple A when he was first signed to Epic and he was a huge hit then. But I wasn't sure if he'd comeback as strong this time. But he delivered.

I had also seen Back Door Slam (the Fox opener) at a previous Triple A show and they were impressive then. I have been following them ever since. Anyone who is a blues rock fan either already knows about them, or will. Totally the real deal.

This was my first time to see Gomez live. They were great, the Fox was packed, and the vibe was wonderful.