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FINALLY! Some common sense in Canada via Sun News Network! I used to watch FOX News to be informed on what was going on in the real world but now I can watch real CANADIAN news. I am absolutely delighted to see discussions about Liberal lies. It's so gratifying to watch as Ezra tells muslims what I've always wanted to tell them: Your feelings are likely to get hurt. Suck it up. You're in Canada now and we won't change to accomodate you.

Keep up the GREAT WORK SUN NEWS! You are a life raft in the sea of ridiculousness that once was Canadian broadcasting!

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I can't believe these idiots have such a low level of intelligence! How could they think that drawing pictures of the Holocaust would be an insult or an attack on the world??? What it will be is a remembrance of that horrific occurrence. Far from being insulting as "Draw mohammed Day" was meant to be, it will be a tribute to those who died in the Holocaust. And since it will be muslims who initiate it, they are obviously admittting and apologizing for uniting with Nazis in WW2. We need to thank them every chance we get!

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I'm glad to hear that, Wrath. I know the British spirit very well; it resides within my own genes.

I thought the recent election was the chance for Brits to turn things around. That won't happen; the Conservatives will be the same as the Labour Party in their treatment of immigrants and immigration. With another 4 or 5 years until the next election (unless the minority is toppled) you could find yourselves at the point of no return regarding islam.

Did you know there are at least 85 Sharia Courts in Britain?

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The UN provides countries the right to protect their indigenous populations against being overrun by immigrants. In Great Britain, the government proclaimed that, "Great Britain has no indigenous population.", even though the ancestry of people living in some areas of the island can be genetically traced back 12,000 years using fossilized human remains. In New Zealand, the "indigenous" and therefore protected people can trace their ancestry back only 730 years! The government in GB did this to prevent any backash or opposition to immigration which divides the population and allows the government total control. When people are divided, they can't fight the gov't. Brits had a chance to change this in the recent election but didn't, so I guess they're okay with what's going on in this video.

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The intention of this building is to add insult to injury. It's the islamic way. It's a spit in the face of all people who suffered so terribly on 9/11. They could build this elsewhere out of respect but they have no respect for anyone or anything. The are incapable of becoming civilized and this building proves it. This is a bully giving the nice kid in the schoolyard another punch.

The money to build it is coming from Soddy Barbaria, of that we can be sure. Muslims will laugh at Americans and love the irony; Americans are buying the oil with money that's paying for this building!

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American's problem is that they elected a President who was raised a muslim.

So why are you now surprised by these kinds of things? Far from being surprised, you should have expected them.

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"President Obama was grateful for your words." Yeah, no wonder; Obozo was raised a muslim. Muslims have always "denounced violent extremism"? Not that I've seen! And I've searched for it.
With Jihadist training camps in America, it's certain there will be a HUGE attack one day. What will "moderate" muslims say and do about that? Why aren't they doing something NOW if they want to protect islam?

Doesn't he know that most countries are BANNING the burka because they oppress women and allow for anonymity?

"Beauty" of islam? "Warmth" of islamic cultures? Could he BE any more obsequious?

Diversity? Tolerance? Trust? When has islam EVER said it supports those things? It supports ONLY islam.

Men and women are created equal? Not in islam.
Qur'an (2:228) - "men are a degree above women"

This guy is the biggest DHIMMI I've ever seen.

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This is actually GOOD news. Muslims are increasing in Russia and the world absolutely cannot afford to have them become the majority and gain control of Russia's nuclear weapons.

The more trouble muslims cause in Russia, the better for the world. The Russians, like the Chinese, won't tolerate islam for a second once it gets out of hand. It's just us stupid Westerners who seem to think that everyone is "inherently nice". We need to change our attitudes to be like those of the Russians and the Chinese; gun muslims down when they get out of control. Allowing them to run Jihad training camps on North American soil it ludicrous.

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This is great news.

But I'll be very surprised if Trinity Baptist Church is still standing in a week.

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The International Centre for Research on Women estimates there are 51 Million child brides in the world; most are in islamic countries. That number is expected to rise to 100 Million within a decade. Muslims say they wait until a girl has her first menses before raping her but if a girl hasn't had a period, the waiting period is 3 months.
Surah 65:4 - "And for such of your women as despair of menstruation, if ye doubt, their period (of waiting) shall be 3 months"
Muslims swear they'll outbreed everyone. But when pre-pubescent girls are raped, many suffer damaged internal organs and are rendered sterile. Mohammed's 9 year old wife Aisha was barren. Of those who become pregnant, many die in childbirth. Babies weren't meant to give birth.
We can't help these girls. They, their parents and their rapists were brainwashed to believe that emulating Mohammed is good. Though these child brides are a tragedy to us, they are also a gift. Far from using their "women's" wombs to take over the world, muslims are actually lowering their population through the rape of children.

And that's a GOOD thing.