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Read "Liberalism, the Classical Tradition," by Ludwig von Mises. A "libertarian" in the US is put into the same vein as what the classical liberals would be called by the rest of the world. They even self-identify as liberal, but with the actions and mindsets of US Libertarians.

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We are born into a world that deliberately and systematically instills in us a fear of the "other." Many feel as though rather than trusting our fellow humans, we should keep them at a distance and only make exceptions for those who've proven themselves trustworthy. The general assumption is that "everyone is out to get me," when most people are just trying to get by in their daily lives and we could all do with some help from time to time. It's interesting to assess how the nature of trust or presumption needs to be addressed before any decent amount of progress in this area can really be achieved. (Although I'm just a big proponent of the "Dude, don't be an asshole," lifestyle.)

Then again, it's not profitable to break down barriers. I mean, once people see how much they actually have in common, well...the world turns to complete shit, right? ; )

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The footnote really got to me for some reason.

In Jersey where I grew up, we had free call boxes and highway management. If you were broken down on the side of the road, you could rest assured that someone would be coming around regularly to check the roads and offer help even in the middle of the night. Of course, though, as soon as "deficits" got too high, it was one of the first services to be cut by half, but it still exists. I can't imagine being charged to call for any emergency services though. That's just awful. That's what our taxes are for, so we may as well get *something* out of it.

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I love my android. I was very please with the recent OS upgrades. Have fun! : )

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Living explicitly in Europe is actually the last place on our minds! (No offense!) The hope is that making enough startup money here can sustain us humbly elsewhere, quite possibly down under or in Central America, where I already have friends and family.

Every empire falls, and new ones take their places. It seems unfortunate that people can't accept that. I overheard a clip from Faux News the other day, and they seemed incensed that the US was now #11 on the list of "Best Places to Live." It's completely intolerable that they would raise such a stink over something so trivial as not being #1...which is, in part, why nobody wants to live here now. (I'm originally from New Jersey, so I know a thing or two about mass exoduses.) ;)

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I'm not the paranoid type, but I'm also not the nationalist type either. When the shit hits the fan I'm outta here, without a second thought for my precious Land of the Free. My boyfriend and I have already seriously discussed it. Even if the Tea Partiers and their ilk aren't a true threat, why the hell would I want to live in a country where that sort of mindset is so prevalent?

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The loose definition of "feminism" that I was given by all of my male, self-identified feminist history/sociology teachers was that feminism was simply affording women the same rights as men.

As a woman in a male field, I'd argue being pent up in homes, being expected to present oneself in an acceptably fuckable manner at all times lest she be labeled lesbian, being considered filthy/erratic/emotional merely by virtue of menstruating, regularly receiving lower pay for performing the same job functions, being classified as useless after childbirth, genital mutilation and "dry sex" practices in many countries, etc etc, are hardly what I define as the "privileged sex." Maybe a simple first-world look at gender relations could give one the impression of being privileged...I mean by-golly, it sure was kind of men to let us vote or have birth control after years of fighting against social oppression...but on a global scale to argue that women are the privileged sex is probably one of the most socially ignorant things I've heard all month.

(Oh, and hi again db0. It's been months since I've been here! Hope all is well.)

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"For example, the capitalist ruling class employs hierarchical structures, but is not itself organized hierarchically."

WTF? If the structures of the ruling classes weren't hierarchical, their powers would then be equal to - and limited by - everyone else. So if this were stuck somewhere in anyone's supposedly logical argument, I would've tuned out immediately. Clearly you have more patience than I!

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The worst part is, many of the defenders of liberty back this decision because it *does* technically support the first amendment. The argument is that if we decide against freedom of speech, our own freedom of speech is in jeopardy.

Unfortunately the same people who support this mishegas are also too daft to realize that corporations should've never been given "human rights" the first place. It's played out beautifully into the hands of corporate America, I'll give 'em that.

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This is perfect, because I've been feeling ostracized lately for these very reasons. I'm glad you explained the means-define-the-end idea, and I like the fact that you have a real-world example as well.

Also, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain that just because I identify with anarchism and I do my best to support cooperative achievement or independent artisanship, doesn't mean that I don't need to live. "If you're such an anti-capitalist, you wouldn't work for a company," is what I get. That doesn't make me or anyone else a sell-out. People always fail to realize that we aren't really given the option to leave a broken system, so all we can do is co-exist peacefully and do what we can to uphold anarchist and social values. It's nice to hear someone else say that out loud for a change.