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Please do us all a favor: If you ever get the ability to get your point across, let us know. These words you've typed are incoherent. I think you might have a point, but I fail to see what it is.

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Wow! I've never seen someone so indoctrinated in that Feminist Cult more than you! I would recommend deprogramming, but I think it's too late. Go back to being a receptacle for sperm like you think you are. For you, that's all you're ever going to be. Don't even THINK of successfully reproducing because that will just prevent you from being that sperm receptacle 24/7.

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Dude, you're not the one that keeps this 'zygote' stuff up on other sites are you? I've argued with you on this one repeatedly and have never gotten a 'salient' response from you.

An infant is a Zygote (2-celled organism) for minutes and then divides into more and more cells. What your noggin' cannot fathom is this zygotic phase that you're focused on happens on the FIRST DAY OF CONCEPTION.

By the time that this murderous mother decides to kill her child, that zygote has formed into a being with diverse human systems: Cardiac, neural, digestive, pulmonary systems. It is a child.

Please, for the patience of all humans who have survived abortion -GET A CLUE about what you are arguing! I'm sick of having to try to hammer into that STUPID BRAIN of yours that you have NO CLUE ABOUT HUMAN DEVELOPMENT!

I've said it on other websites until my fingers cramp. GET A BOOK ABOUT HUMAN DEVELOPMENT and READ IT!! Stop listening to the bs that you are because IT IS WRONG!

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See now, there's that Feminist Cult telling you that it is wrong to show you respect. It is RESPECTFUL to do these things for women. It shows women like me that we are RESPECTED as more than just a receptacle for sperm.

But then again, if you believe yourself to be nothing but a receptacle for sperm, that is all you will ever be.

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You act as though everyone who gets on welfare stays on welfare. This is simply not true. There are some who are forced into welfare because of lame men who do not own up to their responsibilities when it comes to the kids they Father. Some of us women, take welfare and use it as it is supposed to be used: As short-term assistance. I spent the 5 years on welfare getting a tech school degree to which I used to get my family off of welfare.
Feminism is the reason I got there in the first place. Feminism taught me that there are no good men out there and that I should 'settle' for whomever was the least objectionable. I believed them when they said that men are incapable of Love and are incapable of responsibility. The man I got involved with was in jail when our child was born. Of course, that was after he kicked me out of the house because I refused an abortion.
I've learned better since then. I got deprogrammed from the Feminist cult, turned into a Conservative and married a GOOD man.

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Oddly enough, I think your precognition might be coming to fruit right now. In Milwaukee - about an hour from where I sit - there are about 1 -2 co-sleeping deaths per month. These infants are all dead, yet their parents are never charged with homicide, manslaughter or anything of the sort. Even with a campaign to provide free cribs for these infants in play, there are still going on. It's hard to pin down the number of deaths last year from this 'co sleeping' issue because the articles in the news refuse to even state that #. But in each case, a baby dies and parents go on without repercussions.
-- Oh I forgot to add: The majority of these infants that are dead are from a minority family. You can guess which one.

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Sure, because it was the GOP that sent a kid home with a full lunch and a note saying that the chicken nuggets were much better than that lunch Mom made.

Yeah, it was the Democrats that started that whole...TSA rape/molestation/irradiation thing.

Isn't it the Democrats who are behind the National ID concept? Yeah, and those recent bills stating that all farmers must obtain a CDL licence was the Democrats, not to mention arresting that horrible, mean Amish dude for selling raw milk.

Wasn't it Eric Holder that sold guns to rebels in Mexico in the hopes that it would spark MORE gun control here in the US? Oh yeah, let's not forget your poster boy Kevin Jennings 'Safe Schools Czar' who gave out pamphlets to kids teaching them how to fist properly.

I could go on and on, but I figure with your reading skill, you stopped after the 2nd sentence. I'll wait for you to catch up.

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Re: the whole contraception debate.
Any other woman out there getting sick and tired of these people thinking that my vote comes from my uterus? Any other woman out there tired of being told that my sole worth in this election is based on what goes in or out of my vagina?

Yeah, getting real tired of being treated like any other part of my body -including my brain- does not matter.

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Ain't it interesting how those who SAY they are against rape are actually FOR it? I mean, what else can explain it? You have a young lady tell you she's been raped in an occupy camp and their reaction is 'SHHHH' don't tell the cops! Aren't they the ones who cry rape when a guy winks at them at a frat party?

I'm confused: Either you are for rape or against it. You don't get to pick the instances where it's OK or not.

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Not in the least. The latest is that the GAB is refusing to accept any challenges to the recall petition. If you're a resident of WI, or a group acting on the behalf of residents, the GAB will not allow any challenges. Needless to say, we're P'd off.

Word is that all 4 of the Republican Assemblymen facing recall have enough challenges to their recall petitions to void them; that is IF the GAB accepts the challenges.

No word this week. I've got my FB stacked with those in the know - assymen and their assistants. They are great to alert their constituents on the craptastic job the GAB is doing. The GAB is bound and determined to get this recall election rolling.