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What I find rather bizarre is that neither Mearsheimer nor the author ever questions the continued existence of NATO, whose mission was to deter (or repel, if needed) an invasion of western Europe by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact puppets. The USSR folded at the end of 1991, and the Warsaw Pact quickly followed suit. NATO should have disbanded the next day. Instead it started a new mission -- to prop up the US military-industrial complex and the other nations' welfare states. Trump was 100% correct in 2016 when he called NATO an "obsolete relic." Now that relic has instigated a deadly war, for which it will not be forgiven.


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Make that "fruits, nuts and flakes." Hence my label for CA -- the Granola State.

Note to Robert: I think I have the perfect hashtag for your article -- #GoodRiddanceCA. I am not on Twitter so I cannot start it; however, anyone who likes it is free to do so.

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If Soros' money can be tied to BLM and the other thug gangs, he should be charged with incitement, and perhaps even as an accessory to their violence. Then he could be stripped of his citizenship, declared persona non grata and deported. But don't send him to just any old place. According to several articles I recently read, Russia has an arrest warrant out for him -- seems he tried to crash their stock market awhile back.

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Two reasons why FL is a swing state: 1) the legions of "Condo Commies" in & around Miami, and 2) the 20-year invasion of Puerto Ricans in & around Orlando. Without them, the state would be a GOP lock, as it was as recently as 1988. (I wasn't living here then, but read the Dukakis campaign closed its FL HQ on or near Oct. 1, effectively conceding the state.)

Trump could turn FL red again by getting Congress to make Puerto Rico independent, whether the dysfunctional population liked it or not. Then the PRs living here would no longer have the vote, as they would be citizens of a foreign country.

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Nope. Like it or not, the president's pardon/reprieve authority is absolute, except in cases of impeachment.

One silver lining, though -- that authority only extends to federal crimes. If the Lizard Queen has violated a state law, she could still be prosecuted at that level. Of course, that assumes the state AG has not received a generous payoff from the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation.

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I strongly suspect Obola* will give her a full pardon at the first whiff of a potential indictment.

* - Isn't it great how his name inspires so many parodies?

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As Ringer notes, Hillary is a top-level neocon warmonger. A few weeks ago I wrote the following in a blog post:

Hillary is Dick Cheney in drag.

One person responded that those five words could reduce the Lizard Queen to a blob of jelly if Trump said them in any future debate. I hope he or she is right, and I hope Trump uses them. Neocons have become the most despised life form in America outside the Beltway, and rightly so.

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Mr. Ringer neglects one very important aspect of America that can save the day -- the 2nd Amendment. All of Obama's attempts to destroy it have laughably had the opposite effect -- a huge increase in gun purchases and support for gun rights. (Bernie's own home state allows concealed carry without a permit.) The leftists will definitely not want to see blood running in the streets once they realize nearly all the blood is their own.

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Neocons have often been called "chickenhawks" for their refusal to take part in the wars they instigate. While that is true, the epithet is too mild. I hereby submit the stronger epithets "vampirehawks" and "vulturehawks" to illustrate how they gorge themselves on the blood and flesh of the people killed in their wars.. Show me a neocon, and I'll show you a war profiteer. Smedley Butler would have had a field day with them.

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Thanks for the link. I just converted that page to PDF and saved it.