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Are you kidding me !!!!
I knew something happend but I had no idea you guys were responsible heheheh

Thank you so much for recommending my blog, I'm shocked!!!! yesterday I was posting some new pics from the performance @ Hangar here in Barcelona, and I noticed I had like 15 visitors from the US... today I was checking for coments and noticed I had 70 more !!!! visitors from the US . all this in just one day !!!!!

You guyrls are AMAZING !!!!

Thank you so much for the support and the wonderfull comments.

Yesterday I went to a new performance celebrating Stonewall, all I can say is that in the end no one left the room....we all needed a cigarette. really strong content, soon on the blog

LOVE from Barcelona

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OMG you are soooooo cute !!!!

I catched some of your comments on other topics, and just wanted to send some love your way <3
and the part about personal and academic standpoint....hillarious

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perfect awnser ;)

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It's not a question about right or wrong because there is no such thing.(hope this is not to brutal)
when I look backwards to my way of expanding gender neutrality, I laugh a lot !
Either dressing up as Chun Lee from street fighter (mini skirt,pigtails with spikes, bracelets up to my elbow) to go out and buy bread =), or waking up on a Monday morning and deciding to go to college dressed in red vinyl corset, just because I know everyone hates mondays and I made them laugh (with or at me) .

everytime, I tried not to think if I'm doing it for Me or for narrow minded people to see other GLBT like they are a "little bit more normal" than me. ;)

Like in Angels in America:
"The body is the garden of the soul"
Have FUN, and don't overthink it.

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I almost wet myself ! This pic is Amazing !
hey sarah, are your photography curators doing a fab job or what ?!!

Go Genderforkers ;)

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Amazing.Love it.
It reminds me of the FABULOUS gender queer diva Baby Dee (wich by the way has a new album...)
One of Anthony and the Johnsons main muses.
take a look at this pic and tell me if we are co creating or what!!! =)

I don't know if we feel alone, because we want to or because we are taught to.

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this pic is sooooooooooooooooooooo good.
it has an ethereal aura, wich makes it inocent and provocative.

love it =)

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It sounds great,
registration was a snap. =)

it should get ideas flowing freely <3 it