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Well put!

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Don't know which ad you're referring to or if Clark is now out with a lower-priced stock tout, haven't seen one like that lately. The stock that is often teased as a China water pick "penny stock" because the shares are low-priced (it's not a small company, but the share price is low) is Hyflux, I last wrote about that one for a Chris Mayer teaser here:

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That may be the push behind the offering, then -- from what I saw the filing on Sept. 12 was for a maximum of $8 million:

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That "Last stock you'll ever need" bit from Patrick Cox is about Star Scientific (CIGX), the pitch has been circulating in that form for several months and he's touted CIGX for quite a while -- extremely volatile stock.

Article here:

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Yes, OI has indeed been outstanding during much of the last decade -- good picks and a great tailwind from increasing commodity prices (most of the time). I don't know the track record for King's Energy and Scarcity, which is a much more expensive letter that often focuses on these teensy little stocks that much more easily get whipsawed.

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Can't blame you for feeling that way, Geoff -- but it's human nature, that 1% of the time that something is real (or real-ish) keeps folks receptive to the promise of sudden wealth. Hope and greed are hardwired in -- as is, of course, the tendency to forget our past mistakes :)

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We certainly weren't promoting Stans Energy, though it was being touted by Byron King over the Winter -- my last comments about it are here:

The stock seemed to peak with Byron King's adoration, despite the existence of some old refinery parts on site they seem to be quite a ways from actually producing rare earths so perhaps the rare earth mania has moved on to other stocks (though most of them are down substantially since the Winter), but I haven't looked in detail at the Stans story of late. It is, for what it's worth, still often mentioned as one of the more promising heavy rare earths sites that has a hope of reaching production in the next decade.

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Good point -- lots of their volume comes through the API for their trading system, so presumably from the algorithmic rapid traders, so if the regulators succeed in putting brakes on that business the exchanges and folks like Icap could potentially see a hit to revenue.

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I'm not recommending anything -- those older picks of Robinson's were from July 2010, not 2011, so they're all up nicely from his first recommendation though they're certainly down over the last several months.

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I generally like Frank's work too, actually, though I've never met him and don't subscribe to his newsletter. I've appreciated his free podcast for years, and like some of the articles he writes on Stansberry's various free sites (Growth Stock Wire among them) -- the podcast also includes a lot of Stansberry and other Agora-published guests these days, now that he works for S&A, but it's not a pitch-fest like so many podcasts and radio shows. I don't know what his performance has been since joining Stansberry a year or two ago (before that he worked with Jim Cramer at and ran a small cap newsletter for them), but I like his free content that I've seen.