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That car is gorgeous, except for the fact that the grill looks like a particularly ridiculous mustache.

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Being from California, I think I can explain this. Driving up to the ski slopes in California is done on a carefully maintained mountain road. All traces of snow on the road are usually removed by trained professionals so stupid SoCalers don't kill themselves. Then they ski.

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I love those wheels.

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Surprisingly, it's not on fire.

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Funny how there's no pelican in the video... I think he was playing with himself.

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Next year's F1 races will be done on foot, due to a lack of funding.

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Hmmm... remind me to fire-bomb BMW of Canada next time I'm in the area... or perhaps just dropping off a crate-full of ferrets would work.

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I think it's a gorgeous car, but only in dark colours. Load ou the configurator and take a look at it in the dark red or dark blue... yummy. As for the review, I believe it may have been a press release.

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We should cut one in half!

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A Porsche Cayman would be doable at that price, which is a good thing. Awesome on a track, rock solid reliability, not as boring looking as other Porsches. Although I also think a BMW 135i with the Dinan flash and the camber plates would be high on the awesome list. 398hp and 421 ft-lbs of torque from the N54 is just so damn cool and their camber plates are supposed to help quite a bit with the 135's understeer problem. I love how Dinan's stuff doesn't void your warranty.

Hell, he might even be able to get a 2008 GTI and a 2005ish Lotus Elise, if he was so inclined.