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By all means, let's pressure a foreign regime to kill and maim more of its own people! Yeah, that'll work wonders.

The carrot being dangled in front of Zardari's criminal gang surely involves grabbing gobs of money stolen from American taxpayers and squirreling it away in numbered bank accounts. The payoff for this bribe? An increasingly radicalized population whose hatred will be focused entirely on America.

It should be clear to anyone that isn't completely brain dead: our government is out of control. It is counterfeiting with abandon to pay for unwinnable wars against backward nations that pose no threat to our security. The interventions will lead to more terrorist acts, more power grabs, a loss of liberties, and the eventual destruction of our society. These people need to be stopped.

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Unless you're a defense contractor or a congressman taking campaign bribes from defense contractors.

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There may be many brave and patriotic people working in the CIA, but it is past time to shut this outlaw agency down. Its actions are endangering our security, its leadership is adrift, and the illegal kidnapping in Italy is the tip of a very large iceberg. The place is rotten to the core.

Once we dismantle the empire and bring the troops home, there is no need to have a spy agency engaged in nefarious activities. Only then can we begin to repair the damage.

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Who is next? If you think the criminals in Washington are going to stop with seizing mosques, you need to pull your head out of the sand.

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Let's assume that Obama knows that the war in Afghanistan cannot be won. What does this mean? It means that he'd have to level with the American people. He'd have to admit that his earlier assessment was wrong, that the "war of necessity" wasn't so necessary after all.

In doing so, he would be telling the families of those who gave their lives that their loved ones died in vain, that they died for a lie. Do you really think the president is going to do the right thing?

There's another aspect to this that is never talked about. If Obama reverses course and pulls the troops out, wouldn't he be admitting that members of his administration, including himself, are subject to war crimes? Initiating an aggressive war that cannot be won and that should have not been waged is, by definition, a criminal war. Those that controlled the policy decisions must be made accountable. Do you really think Obama is going to subject himself to this when he can continue this insane war and avoid responsibility for his actions?

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Sorry, stevieb, but that's a cop-out. You could have voted for Ron Paul. Or, if you like the government stealing from some and giving to others, but don't care for an interventionist foreign policy, you could have casted your vote for Kucinich.

Once the general election came around and our "choice" was between the odious McCain and the warmongering Obama, you could have done the honorable thing and not voted. Voting for the lesser or two evils is still voting for evil. You have, in effect, legitimized the continuation of an immoral and self-defeating foreign policy.

How's that hope and change working out for you?

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A super secret source within the administration gave me the scoop on these options. They are:

1. Get lots of people killed in a futile, face-saving gesture that lasts for the rest of Obama's term (and if we're lucky, his ONLY term).
2. Carpet-bomb those pesky Afghans back to the Stone Age. Who do they think they are resisting our occupation, er, liberation?
3. Start a war with Iran in order to distract Americans from the utter failure in the other three wars being waged.
4. Obama resigns and is replaced by Benjamin Netanyahu. Since Israel is running America's foreign policy, it's more efficient to cut out the middle man.

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The official narrative is that Bush the Dumber made a mess of things and that Obama the Wonderful was elected to repair the damage. To suggest that to the average Pakistani would probably get you a punch in the nose.

Reality is making itself known. Even for a mindless bobble-head in the mainstream media, it must be hard to deny that foreign policy has not changed with the new administration. The wars continue and even expand, and the slaughter of innocent people is increasing. There is no victory to be had in the Middle East. Our leaders cannot even define what victory is.

We're being led by ignorant morons. We are so screwed.

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One sign of a competent leader is possessing the ability to recognize talented, independent-minded people, then surrounding yourself with them. Another essential trait is having integrity. That means being open and honest with subordinates, and doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Obama fails miserably on both counts. He has hired a pack of party hacks and lifetime bureaucrats, none of whom could find their backside with both hands and a map. They surely don't have the knowledge for understanding the irrational nature of Middle Eastern politics. They don't even know that they don't know. They are ignoramuses groping in the dark.

Give these people virtually unlimited power and a standing army and you have a recipe for death and destruction on a massive scale.

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The warmongers running our foreign policy either don't know or don't care about why counterinsurgency wars rarely succeed. The senseless bombings and occupations have occurred for three reasons:

1. For pipeline protection
2. To weaken Israel's enemies
3. Because they like waging war and lording it over helpless foreigners

It clearly doesn't bother our political elite that they're bankrupting our country and turning it into a police state - as long as they get to keep calling the shots. These people need therapy.