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Is there any way (or importance) to tracking impact on cost reductions or revenue increases?

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Mark, I agree. Most companies are just getting started in this space and have no real idea what it's all about, let along how to deal with it. The hype in our market is creating the "Magical Qualities" point you raise. And, not only is it still there, but it is rising exponentially. Fundamentally, like anything it does, businesses need to understand basic ROI (why am I doing this). We as an industry need to deliver that understanding.

Shawn, this is not drivel, it's fact, unfortunately. Although it may be basic and obvious, the message needs to be stressed over and over and over again so people get it. In my opinion, getting to the basic business principles that Mark is describing and delivering measurable ROI is a unique approach, since few are actually doing it.

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Mark, there are hundreds of them. Many are in the Social Media analytics (monitoring) space, many more are in the Social Network Infrastructure, Advertising Network, Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence markets. What is most interesting is trying to determine who delivers measurable business value verse "Hype Factor" (I've gotta do this cause everyone else is) services that are not sustainable. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of responses you get to this.

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Hey Mark, excellent point! From what I can see there are lots and lots of great companies out there in the Web 2.0 space generating significant revenue. Most are not "tip of the tongue" kind of names, but they are growing fast. That being said, like so many rapidly evolving markets, there will be consolidation, gorillas will form (or enter) and 80-90% of the "pack" will disappear. Unfortunately, the "Hype Factor" is still generating revenue for many of these companies as business clients try to figure out their real value. The key to long term, sustainable business is to deliver real measurable value to clients. Until that happens, when the Hype disappears, so will many of these players, whether or not they have revenue and growth today.

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Hey Mark, this is well stated. You are right, there is a growing amount of interest in Social Media. I really liked your comment about companies eventually realizing that "effective campaigns require time and money". The question is, from my perpspective at least, how to measure effectiveness and what does effectiveness really mean in this context? Before companies spend any real $$, the value will need to be proven.

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Thanks for the mention David! We're very excited and greatly appreciate the Ministry's assistance. Social Media is a rapidly growing environment and we provide a very advanced and unique solution to help companies quickly understand what millions of consumers globally are saying online (for all to see and discuss) about their products / markets / competitors and industries.
Steve Dodd
Business Development