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Wow, what a thorough analysis of a nasty problem!

It explains why I was underwealmed by Together Through Life. I kept saying to myself, "these are good songs. whats wrong with me?"

I love "Jolene" but the other songs just didnt hold my interest like previous albums. I enjoy them, but they just dont stick with me.

I never noticed it with Modern Times or Love and Theft.

The music industry has been ripping-off its consumers for decades. Remember 1980's Tom Petty lawsuit? So the cynical side of me thinks there are already plans in the works to re-issue "remastered" versions of these CDs to generate more income.

Guess I gotta get my turntable dusted off and operable!

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ok, so if I go to Britainistan (not ever likely) and get pulled over by a constable, I should demand he/she be a conservative Evangelical! I don't want to have to deal with a liberal mainstream Christian, much less an Anglican or, heaven forbid, a Catholic (apologies to Robert)!

And if I was a Southern Baptist, I should demand a Southern Baptist constable, and if I was an AOG, I should expect an AOG constable. And if I was a "snake handler", I should expect the police officer to handle snakes as well.

Actually though, if I was in the position to be arrested, I probably wouldn't want anyone to know WHAT religion I was, since it would not exactly be a glowing witness to my religious beliefs -- whatever religion I was.

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> It was not known what path Muhammad, a U.S. citizen who is a recent convert to Islam,
> had followed to radicalization.

He read the Q'uran and decided to take it seriously.

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> adopting a nonpolitical position

The "nonpolitical" position would be to present maps exactly reflecting reality. Removing Israel while recognizing moslem "holy" sites can only be construed as political.

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1. lame game
2. very lame Islamic protest
3. seriously lame response by game designers/manufacturers
4. EXTREMELY lame comments on this website regarding this lame game.

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> "According to the Quran, everybody is born a Muslim."

Of course, using that rationale, every low-life scum, pervert, mass-murderer, rapist, child-molester, slave-holder, wife-beater, etc are also "Muslims".

Oh, that's right... that describes mohammed.

Never mind.

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I would have loved to hear Robert 's interview on this, but the audio clip is filled with tons of crap including traffic reports, etc and there is no way to fast forward through that garbage.

too bad.

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Its interesting how this article seriously downplays the Islamic motivation behind the attacks, although the Gitmo terrorist explicitly entitled the response "The ISLAMIC Response to the Government's Nine Accusations."

Here is a link to SmokingGun with the original text of this response:

It's clear throughout the text that the rationale behind the attacks was Islamic ideology. The response quotes repeatedly from the Quran on every point.

Yet the MSM ignores this, and pretends the attacks had little, or nothing to do with Islam.

Here is a link to another article on this Response, which does not mention Islam at all:,2933,507625,00.htm...

Its disgusting how badly the news gets PC-white-washed to cover up the Islamic motivation behind terrorism.

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I studied Yoga and Eastern Religions for over 20 years before coming to faith as a Christian. I also have an MA in Christian Theology. I dont give a hoot what religion you are or are not. But anything beyond the most shallow/cursory study of Yoga does indeed involve a religious system/philosophy that is not compatible with Christianity.

Its a matter of being honest with yourself.

PS I dated a "Unitarian-Universalist" before becoming a Chistian, and attended numerous services/meetings (or whatever you want to call them!) As a result, I know why you dont grasp these concepts.

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Well, if this was the worst fatwa issued by the "religion of peace", we could all live in peace. This posting seems to be "much ado about nothing."

If the implication is that it should be ok to mix any religious beliefs you want, and no religion has the right to define its own beliefs, that is the basis of a lot of the multicultural/moral-equivalent BS and why religion has become watered down / irrelevant in modern society.

Yoga is much more than just stretching exercises, and the underlying philosophy/religion may indeed be incompatible with that of Islam (as it definitely is with Christianity).

I have no problems with allowing Islam to define its own religion and declare the boundaries of its own religious belief as long as it allows those outside of its faith to do the same, and does not threaten anyone.

Of course that is the main problem with Islam, with or without this fatwa. It does indeed physically threaten both unbelievers and its own adherents and refuses to allow other religious beliefs to exist.

I love this website, but maybe its time to focus on the things that matter.