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Could you share a link to the NPR story?

That's so wild, though, that you need so much money to get by...
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Do you wear dresses to work? I would need more work appropriate tops, I think. Unless maybe you'd pair the tanks or tshirts with the sweaters/jackets to create more outfits. I work in a lab, so it's pretty much slacks and close-toed shoes every day. I think I'd want more tops and more work slacks. Other than that, your recommendations look good! :) Cute clothes, by the way...are those actual things you have in your closet, or just online images?

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Super cute! Love the outfit. Especially the earrings!

I think I need to hire you to come to my house and make cute outfits out of my wardrobe...or maybe find new things (like that sash!) I should add to make my wardrobe more versatile....

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So, I just commented about my last trip, but I think I may have done it incorrectly. At any rate, I also wanted to mention that I'm already subscribed to your feed. That's how I first read about the giveaway!

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I say go for it. You can take advantage of the free membership, and maybe meet new people in the process! Plus I like the idea of having that training in your portfolio.
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I suppose I'm repeating what everyone said, but here's my advice:
-register for things you need. A good gauge for what's okay to register for is to see what Macys/Crate&Barrel/Bed Bath & Beyond has available on their registry program. Microwave will probably be fine, as will sheets/bedding for your new bed. If you don't have a set of pots and pans/cooking utensils, register for those. In fact, you'll likely get cash gifts from some people (put that in your furniture fund), as well as items you didn't realize you needed! But also be prepared to get random things you have no need for...

-invest in a least the mattress to start. Look for sales (I bought my mattress at Costco during "tax free weekend" a few years ago). Do your research on what you want, and wait for a sale, get "lasts year's model" if you can. That's the top furniture item I wouldn't get from craigslist. The fancy bed can come later, just get the boxspring and simple bedframe/mattress support to start.

-Ask around for furniture your friends/family are looking to get rid of. That's bound to be cleaner/less infested than stuff you get from random craigslisters. We got a dining room table that my roommate's parents didn't have a need for anymore!

-Then you can try craigslist/thrift stores/estate sales. Some thrift stores are better than others, so ask around! Wood/metal/glass items are preferred, mostly because bedbugs or other critters are less prone to living on those. Our kitchen table and coffee table both came from craigslist, as did a few of our couches (though in retrospect, that could have been a disaster). So, tables, chairs, bookshelves, bed frames, TV stands, TVs, lamps, dressers...those are all good to get from random places...even from the curb on trash day!

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Okay, first sad part was me calculating what my take-home pay is compared to what my salary is. Wow, taxes, you slay me!
But after that sad realization, I discovered that I only spend ~14% of my take home pay on rent. That being said, I'm living in a four-bedroom apartment, so that makes the rent split up pretty nicely. We live in the top two floors of a 3-floor, two family house. I'm not sure what housing is like out by you, but that's a pretty popular setup in my area. Anyway, that's my suggestion...find a place like mine!
Here's the thing...I've loved living in such a cheap place, because it's allowed me to use my money for other things (like savings and paying off debt). But if you're not comfortable living in the sketchy areas, I say move some place a little nicer. Keep looking!

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I tend to look to my parents for advice, whether for general life questions or financial choices. I think sometimes I'm dependent on them and others to help me make a decision.
But they do send me holiday cards sometimes, with a check for $10 or so. The memo on the checks say: for treats! because they know I tend to just save my money, and want me to treat myself every once in a while for an ice cream cone or something.

I think the trickiest part is when I come home, or if they come to visit, because the financial roles don't make as much sense. When I'm by myself, I spend my own money. But if we go out to eat, they'll pay for the meal. And sometimes we'll go to Kohls or some other store and my mom will buy me a winter coat or a new purse or something. And I also still get Christmas presents from my parents.

I think I have a healthy financial relationship with my parents. I think I make them proud!

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I shed like mad. Even just running my hands through my hair results in a small collection of hair. Beautiful, I know.

I don't feel like a grownup either. Though I'm not getting married any time soon, so I guess that's okay. Even though I've been out of college almost 4 years, I still associate myself as a recent grad, and no where near the age where I can get married and have's just weird.

I'd like to do those things some day...along with buying a house. But it seems like all that is far away. I wouldn't mind skipping ahead 10 years to where all that is figured out. But I guess that's how life is, you've got to live it, not fast forward to where everything is all set.

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Okay, a few things:
Go somewhere the two of you have always wanted to go to, not just a place that's "honeymoon-y". And I agree with dogatemyfinances: go somewhere that you couldn't go once you have kids.'s called PERSONAL finances, not hivemind finances. People on consumerist tend to get a little snarky/flame warish. So yeah, don't worry about them. Besides, I feel the same way as you: I'd rather have more cash on-hand for emergencies or looming big purchases (ahem, HOUSE!) than to pay off the debt faster. Yes the percentage rates work against you, but I'd rather have peace of mind.

And the whole "waiting" thing? I'm a-okay with that :)