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So a film that was uploaded to Youtube in March is what caused riots half way around the world on September 11th? If anyone can help me out on the logic behind this moronic idea that would be awesome.

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I laughed so hard at your false reality that I peed a little.

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To be fair, it's JROTC, not even remotely close to "OUR military" so inform yourself before you become everything we hate about liberals.

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The part of this that pisses me off the most, is that the Islamic "leaders" of Libya won't bury Gaddafi, but the USA had to take every single measure to make sure that Bin Laden was laid to rest as quickly as possible with all kinds of respect and ceremony because of "Islamic tradition"

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I think this nonsense with Pakistan could very well lead to WW3.

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For future reference, it's "Losers".

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Scott is fat. Not sure how you can draw your conclusion from just a head shot, but do what makes you feel good.

This surprises nobody who actually knows this family.

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Awww. Is that all you got? Really? Poor child.

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The SEIU, winning friends and influencing people one beating at a time.

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Wrong, Huntsman is there to build up some mushy middle support so after he loses in the primaries he can replace Biden as Obama's 2012 running mate.

I think that's glaringly obvious.