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Whoa! There's that "inspires us" phrase that seems to be a staple of some who would argue that Melissa's show is not for them. Well, Beuhla. You are certainly an observant person. Even recalling the color of Amy's set. That's impressive. I hope others notice this gift you have. Maybe you should come out of the shadows and "login" so people like myself who are incredibly impressed at your recollection powers can follow your comments closely and be "inspired" by your great wisdom. Please. Do me a solid and "login". I would hate to be let down and find out you're just another fly by night person who just posts comments under a variety of different names just to antagonize people. Please say it ain't so.

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I'm sure you'll be happy to know there are people who will agree wholeheartedly with your view. You know who might agree with your comment? The following people might:
Foodie too
As well as a host of other people who think and post comments just like yours.

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Maybe you ought to wait until her show airs. See first hand what it's about and then make a determination whether it's a show for you or not. If it's not then the solution is to not watch it. On the other hand if what you enjoy doing is belittling things you know nothing about then continue expressing your opinion. You're revealing what you're all about with your rage. Jack B Numbnutts, you need to simmer down. It's only television. If Melissa strikes you as a phony, don't watch her show. What will all this ranting and raving accomplish? Change the network's mind? I think you over estimate the power your ramblings have. And I also think you over estimate the importance of you opinion. It is after all, only one of many. And it appears you fall in the minority on this debate. So your opinion of little importance is even diminished all the more by the sheer number of opinions that outnumber your puny little sad numbers. Your opinion is of no consequence. Maybe you need to resign yourself to that fact, little one.

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First of all Manny/SueAtkinson/rosesherwood/etc.
Susie Fogelson said it was 2 for Melissa and 1 for Jeffery. None of us know who voted for Jeffery. It could have been Bobby. We can only make silly assumptions. And it's not outrage that I'm expressing. I'm lampooning the absolutely ridiculous vindictive statements being lobbed at the Food Network and their roster of people for no other reason than to undermine Melissa and her supporters.

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Hmmmm. Interesting. Coming to the defense of SueAtkinson. Hmmm. With the very same type of writing style and language she has a penchant for using. Hmmmmm.

To quote Forrest Gump: "That's all I have to say about that."

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The voting is legitimate. What's not legitimate is the dialogue here. If one is to follow certain people here you'll notice they gush all over each other's comments: "Great comment! Well researched! We think alike." Their spelling errors seem to be the same. They continually find each other and concur on a sickeningly sweet level. It's like watching "synchronized swimmers" in action. My suspicion is that some of these people trying to push our buttons are but one individual. So luvcookin, don't let these silly people/person who spend more time blogging than they do actually cooking in the kitchen rile you up. They're just playing at a silly game that doesn't have a positive outcome for them. They're just embarrassing themselves over and over again.

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Sue, oops, I mean Foodie too. Or are you one and the same? Well nevermind. If one's comments are contrary to yours does it mean we are young and lacking knowledge? It would appear from your condescending words (and not just here in this comment) you're implying that the world at large is not up to your standards. Perhaps that's the reason you find such fault with the Food Network. Maybe they'll never live up to your standards. You might want to try life from the stand point of us lowly people out here in the "real" world. If not I'm sad for how lonely life is there in your castle.

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Hey! I just replied to this very same comment elsewhere. Sue are you obsessing posting duplicate comments all over the place? What gives? Anywho, if you want my reply to this it's over at . . . geez louise. I forget where it is. Oh well, I'm sure you can find it.

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But I'll be running into you as one of your other aliases I'm sure. I think there are at least three to four names you've been using. You may try to avoid the same spelling errors across the board to make it easy to spot you when you're "incognito".

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Solution to what? What problem? Bully? Acid comments? I have only been replying to the over the top ridiculous comments. I find a perverse amusement in giving people a taste of their own medicine to see how they enjoy what they themselves dish out. And so far most of them just don't care to much for the recipe they resort to time and time again. You talk about variety on Food Network but all you offer in your comments is complaints about how awful the Food Network and the judges are.