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4-4.5" screen, 4G, and while I don't specifically care about it being dual core, I want it to be up there speed-wise with all the latest and greatest phones.

There are things I just take for granted like the 8mp camera, flash, sizable internal memory, and Netflix support... I don't usually list these in my requirements, I just expect them and forget it's not a given. And things like the front facing camera, HDMI, and dock capabilities which would be nice but aren't a deal breaker if they're missing.

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I'm really going back and forth on what I want more... Dual-core or 4G. Really, I'd like both but I'm not sure I can wait that long. My fiancée has the original Droid and it's quickly dying on her (was pushing random points on the screen when she wasn't touching it, now it seems like 1/4 of the screen is entirely dead to touch) and so I'm hoping to upgrade and give her my Droid X. But I would love to hold out for 4G if I can...

That being said, because of this arrangement, I do only have to wait one year... But then she'll have it for another year so I'd like to pass on a good phone. *Sigh*

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Is that phone number method of forcing your phone to check for an update different from Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates?

Also, it's not exactly *calling* the number so much as typing it in. It auto recognizes it before you even hit send.

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I think it's also important to note that the live streaming ( on the mobile devices does include blackouts. So you most likely won't be able to watch your local team...

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I saw Stranded 2 for free but I'm not sure if that's the only one or it's just hard to find them...

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There are a lot of apps that decide to use the GPS which means that icon IS showing up sometimes when I don't need it... So keeping it off except for the apps where I actually want it (Maps) seems like it could be handy.

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That doesn't really solve the problem where I'm most often looking to kill applications.

What if you want to be getting all your regular updates (social apps, whatever) because you're someplace where you'll be able to charge easily? And then you're going into a situation where battery life becomes more important? If you have a lot of apps connecting to the Internet to get updates regularly and now you don't want them to do it at all you need to go into each and every app to change the settings? When you know you won't be using them and you'd rather just close them until you decide you want them and open them again?

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It's been a pain, I'm sure, though in this case it probably works out in his favor. In the long run I bet the extra publicity more than outweighs the people who cancel their purchases.

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I think everybody should pay for more apps, including myself. And I'd love for more of the apps to include ads actually. I think it would make the ad supported process more viable.

Though I can't help but point out that Steve Jobs basically DOES work for free. His salary is $1. With no thousands or millions after that. Though there are obviously other perks in there like stock options and increasing the value of his current stocks...

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There's still a lot missing that can be found in the local apps. Like the live arrival info you can get from One Bus Away in Seattle... I would love for Google Maps to have data like that so I don't have to switch back and forth.