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whether you agree with it or not, Somalis shall + will = never welcome the US into their country

the US is responsible for the mayhem in that country and for 20 years, it was the the same evil United States that was waging a silent genocide with multi-dimensions against the Somali people, and to my amazement like many Somalis, they expect us to abandon our views and turn around an embrace without restitution for the zillions of dollars worth of damages done to the Somali property, land as well as other vital organs that could have easily allowed Somalia to stand with its own two feet, but thanks to the US, they are now a distance memory and would take years and years to get them back.

the US foreign policy towards Somalia is a complete failure and no Somalis compatriot is going to do any favor for the US, other than to do the opposite of they expect.

the other day, the US ambassador for Kenya was speaking in the BBC and was subsequently air in Voice of America, and listening to his trash makes you wonder and then laugh. he said "all Somalis can contact me and we will work together in re-building Somalia, but with one condition, that you abandon the support for the Al-Shabaab" :)

very funny guy, I think he was drunk

just two weeks ago, 100 tons of weapons were shipped to Somalia, a special gift from the United States, and you really start asking yourself, ARE THEY ON COCAINE or do they assume we are blind to their evil deeds????

if the US is serious about making peace with the Somalis, they should consider

1. a compensation to every Somali = $10 million dollars per individual

2. apology

3. return of the HAWD AND RESERVED AREAD (OGADEN, the best grazing land of Somalia) to the MotherLand

4, re-stating the Socotra Island as part of Somalia

5. and the return of the NFD, once again to the motherland