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To say this is shocking is an understatement. A loss for all of us. This man was a true patriot.

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Joe Biden is use to being coddled by the government media and their "soft ball" questions that he doesn't know how to handle real reporter's questions. The American public is sick and tired of Obama, Biden and their biased liberal leaning media…screwing them around. If Biden is going "to dish it out", he better learn how "to take it", and quit being such a "crybaby"

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They don't want to build their own house. They want yours. The claim to be green, but pollute the parks with trash and human waste. This is nothing more than paid anarchy by Soros, supported by Obama since he has failed, and Democrat politicians who crave power over what is best for the country. If some of these protesters actually accepted responsibility, there would be less room for chips on their shoulders. Sad state of affairs and dangerous since the Democrats are encouraging these people who are easily controlled through their envy and stupidity. The Democrats are inciting violence.

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Diane is okay with a mob that wants to take other people’s money without working; that is stealing. When will she tumble to the fact that she is in the 1% and about to be robbed of all her money? Does she get a pass from the mob for her cheer-leading of the crime?

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There is no such thing as a free lunch. They are protesting Wall Street bankers but really they are protesting success, people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, T. Boone Pickens and Warren Buffett. If you eliminate the successful people, who are left, the unsuccessful. Is that really what they want, a nation of losers?

This misguided protest is in jeopardy of being taking over by radicals, unions and anarchist. If this onion is peeled back I am sure you will find Van Jones, who is a devotee of Communism. Look for the "Community Organizers" hand to become apparent in the weeks a head.

I can not blame the youth of our country for being both angry and apprehensive about their future. But these inexperience and vulnerable kids are ripe for being led in the wrong direction. President Obama is responsible for much of their malaise. Academia is more to blame in my opinion. The radicals having taken over our schools and universities preaching socialist utopia instead of critical thinking. These rogue professors live quite well and have job security that is not enjoyed by the average American worker

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These protests are what you get from kids that were never required to have any sense of responsibility or discipline. Their desires in life are always within their parents means. They are the "babies" of the baby boomers, coddled, rationalized, and spoiled. These protests are their way of stepping out into the world, and if they must act like adults these demands must be met. After all, aren't they merely echoing Obama and his proxy unions. And they can vote. Rest assured, the unions are directly and Obama indirectly behind these protests, and these fools are pawns in a far bigger game.

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Irony lost on them, not realizing it is sometimes necessary to conduct wars to protect their rights to be morons in public. They decry capitalism, yet organize themselves courtesy of social media, and of course smart phones, droids, iphones, etc., brought to you by capitalists like Steve Jobs.

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The Grand Show continues.. now, for act II, President loudly blames everyone and everything in the universe except, of course, himself.

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This movement is riddled with hypocrisy. Greed is greed, no matter how one slices and dices it. So why does this movement only call out one faction - namely corporate America; i.e., Wall Street, etc.?

If these protesters are TRULY upset by greed, then it would follow that these same people should be totally outraged by Hollywood and sports teams. Why?

Do you really like spending nearly $20 a ticket per person to see a movie (forget the concession stand prices) or just about one payday to go see your favorite team play (and that is the "nosebleed" section of the stands)? These people are TREMENDOUSLY overpaid yet these protesters seemingly do not mind these groups being greedy.

Difference between the two? Hollywood and sports teams have the overhead protection of unions while corporate America fends for itself; and, if you follow the news, it comes as absolutely no surprise that the unions are helping to fuel the fires with the protesters.

Can't have it both ways

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same here. Mitt just like obama