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Well, they were wildly popular. I don't disagree with your assessment of the image they portray but I don't think the list was intended to make a moral distinction. Otherwise, you can remove Barbie from the list. Also, the toy guns wouldn't be on there because the only thing that's worse than dolls creating a bad role-image for girls to look up to is the glorifying of violence and disassociation of gun play with death.

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Oops. Thanks for pointing that out! I corrected the spelling mistake.

The sources are from newspapers, cable news programs, and other news websites.

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Its a huge risk and I wonder if its worth the reward. Not only is the capital expensive, the experience and knowledge is nearly impossible to replicate easily. The time investment to get to a certain level of expertise is great and will add costs beyond construction and labor.

Still, I'm excited at the opportunity to witness the disruption - both in terms of Apple's products and the effect on the marketplace and the disruption in manufacturing.

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It is frustrating. I hate buying jeans for that reason. Because I have to wear suits and dress slacks to work, I have most of my clothing tailored and they keep me honest. I know what size I really am - even if someone says I'm a smaller size. My tailor will tell me when I'm fat.

Thanks for the comment!

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If you search the website, there is a way for people to dispute the claims. Go here: to dispute any posts. In fact, if you read the entire guidelines, the operator(s) make it clear they encourage managers and landlords to include their side of the story and offer their opinion of the situation.

But also note that each report is timestamped. And there is a history for any entry. Honest landlords who take the reports of bed bugs seriously and address all concerns promptly shouldn't have an issue with the registry. The reports of prompt action and their openness to address tenants' concerns in the best possible way will give new and existing residents the comfort they need to stay under their care.

Only landlords who act slowly, withhold treatment, doubt their residents, hide the truth, or fight their residents should have something to fear.

And, you're right. Just because its on the internet does not make it true. But if a landlord had a pest problem in the past and addressed it, the feedback that's allowed to occur on the registry (and probably other sites) will let the world know what the current situation is.

If you're a landlord - and a good one - the majority of your tenants will speak up for you.

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You're welcome!

I just subscribed to feed. I'm glad you commented... so many infographics! Thanks for the link!

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I went back to using soap and shampoo for work and I have to say I think I made the wrong choice. My skin itches all the time and I don't know if I feel any cleaner. I think I'll try and find another opportunity to go sans soap soon.

Thanks for sharing your story!

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So sorry, Shirley. My tumbly mug is my favorite and I don't want to part with it. One of my Twitter followers asked if I knew where to get another one and I was able to find on on eBay. That auction is closed but its probably the best place to look for a replacement.

Good luck finding a new one. If I happen to come across one in the future, I'll be sure to let you know.