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The neocon logic is clear. Place more sanctions on Iran for not building a nuclear weapon. This wouldn't be the first time they whipped up a frenzy about fake nuclear weapons. Pat for president.

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Good article. On a different subject, I would like very much for you to review American Sniper and it's Eastwood kinship to Dirty Harry or Bronson's Death Wish movies. It's possible Chris Kyle saw himself as Harry, claiming that after Katrina he killed 30 armed civilians in order to protect the public. He also claims, in the style of Harry, that he killed two car hijackers in Dallas. Neither of which could be confirmed.

An elderly lady told my wife she had seen American Sniper and "I now see why our boys had to kill those children over there." Mission accomplished.

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To borrow from the well worn jingoistic War on Terror rallying cry...Israel has declared a War on Peace.

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Mr. Rubio is precious. He would send our young men into the jungles of Columbia to fight guerrilla forces in order to protect the flower industry here in the US. This is getting out of control.

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So Mr. Cheney if ISIS captures US troops stationed in Iraq ISIS also has the right to use torture on Americans to obtain strategic information. Correct?

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This is the very reason American's were complacent about thousands of soldiers losing their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. The national media obeyed the Bush/Cheney demand that no pictures be shown of caskets being unloaded carrying the bodies of slain US soldiers. No families were interviewed showing the devastating impact deployments, injuries and the deaths had on the families, choosing only to show heartwarming stories of returning healthy soldiers surprising their children as they entered classrooms.

One of the worst offenders of the practice of towing the government line is CBS's Face the Nation. When it comes to torture and starting needless wars FTN presents only pro war guest to give their opinions.

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Nuland is a Israeli First neocon who would plant seeds of war all around the world in order to promote the PNAC and AIPAC view of the world.

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A plate full of collards, a slice of cornbread, a thin pork chop and leave me be.

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Does anyone else have a problem with referring to our military personnel as "Warriors?" Sarah Palin and FOX have a penchant for calling everyone in uniform "Our brave warriors" and it makes my blood boil. Surely Bill Kristol and all the neocon warmongers would like to con unsuspecting young men into thinking they are superheros as they devise new unnecessary wars for them to die in. Think of it as a recruiting tool. You're no longer a young man without a're now a warrior!

Even though our Defense Department has been turned into the Offense Department(Think Pre-Emptive Wars) we should not think of our military as Roman soldiers conquering foreign lands for the empire. I also think it is patronizing and dehumanizing to address men as young as 18 years old as warriors, giving them the impression they are video like characters justified in killing demonized Muslims without a justified reason.

I would prefer we get back to being peacekeepers as opposed to warriors.