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Hi there sweet lady. From the outside looking in I see a talented gifted woman who has the favor of God shining down on her. Let me encourage you that you will get through this season. Surround yourself with strong women who are ahead of you on this journey that will cheer you on.

Cling as if your life depends on it to the great and precious promises of God's Word. Use scripture as a weapon to defeat thoughts of fear and dread. "Casting down vain imaginations and every THOUGHT that exalts itself above the knowledge of God."

Your life, your inspiration is the scripture. Your weapon against this struggle is God's Word. There is a reason we are told to meditate day and night. You chose your thoughts - choose them wisely.

I know this struggle all too well. And I also know victory. I carry a small ring binder in my purse - it is with me at all times. In it are about 20 scriptures that are my lifeline. One that I quote regularly, "They over came him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony." Revelations 12:11

King David went through this - Psalms 42:5 - "Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God."

If you were within reach I would give you a big hug and pray with you. Use your weapons my dear sister. Be strong and encourage yourself with the truth of God's Word and watch it change your circumstances.

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Okay if I win - your wife can have the headband and I keep the CupCandy. Deal? ;)

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I've posted on FB but I think your contest has put Twitter over capacity so I'll have to tweet about it later. ;)

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I want to win this because I love you and want everyone to ask me where I got it so I can say "My beautiful and highly creative friend Kesha gave it to me!"

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This series will be "homework" for me to "shadow" and target Darren's message for coaches. It will be fun to see how I implement it with value and not just a parrot effect. Your participation will make it a worthwhile experiment.

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This post reminded me of a quote by Alex Mandossian “Sloppy success is always better than perfect mediocrity.” He encourages the readers of his blog to think of one project that they have wanted to accomplish but were paralyzed by perfectionism...and then begin with the idea that progress is better than perfection. Tony Robbins said it simply, "If I can't, I must!" This too is my guiding principle. In fact, just as you said, it's faith that brings about the action - faith without inspired action is not at all faith.

Very timely encouragement!

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I like that "The Money Talk". A lot of us spend time connecting, engaging but avoid making the offer. I like the idea of creating natural intersections where my client's need crosses what I offer. And, creating frequent natural intersections so that my prospect or client has the opportunity to choose to remain in need of what I offer until later or to engage my services.

It also helps that I see my self as a personal shopper - I study the needs of my ideal client and present my offer as a solution to what I already know they need. I rarely get rebuffed because I've made an offer. I don't always hear "yes" but that's part of the process. Sometimes it's "later". And, I have always learned more about my ideal client from ever intersection of the prospects need crossing with my offer.

I hope I can make it to this call - it sounds really interesting! Usually I can count on any recommendation by Jeff to be a great one!

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I was just visiting Mari Smith's blog and read her post on Facebook vs. Twitter: What’s On Your Mind, What Are You Doing?

Loved her suggested questions. Might also make great idea generators for articles:
* “What has my attention right now that would bring value to my peeps?”
* “What can I share that would uplift someone’s spirits?”
* “How can I make someone smile today?”
* “What’s a valuable resource I can share?”
* “What’s a stimulating (positive) question I could ask?”

What do you think? :)

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Right now I'm enjoying a thorough reading of Chapter 5: Product Development & Cool, Kickin Speaker Marketing Techniques.

In Jeff Herring's article marketing teleseminar club, Jeff laid down a challenge to create and sell a mini-guide from an indepth content creation session. I'm up for the challenge and will be launching my first non-coaching product.

I'm going to put to practice everything I'm learning from Jeff & Tom (and several others). How about you?

Even if you're not coaching yet, you could be launching your first product. Tell me what you're up to...join us over at Coaches Community and see what we're doing with the 100 Day Challenge!

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Hey! I need to hear from YOU!

Viveka and I want to create an hour long show on exactly what you want to know. So, leave a comment with you question - what do YOU want to know about LinkedIn?