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Yeah, puppet show is right! If not, then Medvedev feels that he too (like Putin) can rise and become as powerful as the virtually unknown KGB Putin was. He figures, if he can do it, so can I.

The son is trying to devour the father. Both are poisonous. Russians don't love western democracy. They love a big-gov't boot on their necks. There is a lot of Mooooslim nonsense going on now, but if not, Russia would be at the top of the list of evil countries to watch. Wonder how much clandestine crap they are getting away with at this very moment?

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Dictators are a girl's best friend.

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No more yanky my wanky...or the more obvious...miso hone-ay!

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Wow. Scott Brown is being a squish.

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McGlowan rocks! I support any Black Conservative, not for their colour (I don't care about THAT!) but for the fact that they are FREE THINKERS and are smart enough not to be hood-winked by the Liberals and Democrats who do not like them, USE THEM and think they are stoopid. Oh no, Black Conservatives are the best because they are right-thinking and refuse to be used by the cretins who use them and distain them! Especially when they are so rare. I hope the advent of BozObama changes that and make Black Conservatives florish!!!

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Ah, I am sure the disgraceful Janet Reno is very proud somewhere. Oh well, if Castro didn't get him it looks like BozObama would have got him anyway.

So sad that Communism was just about dead, but like a bloody Zombie, has come back to life...and will prolly live longer thanks to American Liberals (Useful Idiots!).

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Burn the whole house down ZerObama! The day you were elected was the worst day of my life!

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O'Reilly is full of loofah debris. Those who have watched him grow into a disgustingly arrogant, splotchy insect know that he is such a fraud. The old O'Reilly after 9/11 was the real deal. The new, hideous one is for the birds. Who would even buy his books after his loofah sex scandal that we are all suppose to have forgotten? I used to buy them, but not since that...especially since he warned of being a fool with one's celebrity and the hypocrite didn't take his own advice. He was married and sexually harrassed a producer of his. Hush hush settlement and all. (Look up the affidavit on We all know why he treats ZerObama with kid gloves. He's insulting. Plus he treats the women on his show (Lis Wiehl) like dirt!)

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DS is very conservative. I don't believe that the Liberals that go to her site would like what she has to say.

I think the tax returns say it all about Hannity (I am disappointed...I thought he knew better). Why isn't someone talking about THAT?

I learn a lot of annoying truths on her site, but at the end of the day it is the TRUTH I seek. She seems credible on this one.

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LOL! I didn't realize Humberto Fontova wrote this article! I'm such a fan of his passionate beliefs. I may mildly disagree ( I found the foolish TT likable and unique) but Humberto still ROCKS!