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No, the 2009 one probably fell off because Sonic on 2009 kinda stunk a lot. I mean, Werehog? It's probably something the writers thought up after going to their nearest bar.

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Lol, it would be funny if Halolz would actually breakbecause of this long stringof comments. But, then again, it really is one more thing for Wolf to tell us about.

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Same here. I know Metal Gear Sold and Everyone Loves Raymond, but I don't know how'd they make such a connection. Maybe it's because I haven't really even played any Metal Gear Solid games yet.

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For that you get a thumbs up, KingHoboIV. Even though you're probably bored of them.

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Whoever removed this video due to any violations either
- Plays as Scout on TF2
- Is the Scout mentioned in this video
Or is either a few more things.

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This was so funny. I probably won't be able to stop laughing for a while, this is so funny!

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Believe me, he just knows ;D.

Kay, to tell you the truth, he sees another picture of the stool right next to the same stool.

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xD Your comment is epic win.

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[sarcasm] Ooh, this is a tough one. Gotta think a while to guess this... [/sarcasm]
I know it's you, Pokeluver.

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Well, I think they expect for people to know it's obviously a spoiler if the title says "The Dark Knight told in TF2 Death Signs".