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Excellent. Begs the question, If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, where does that leave religion?

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I hope you'll find this post thought provoking on the Libertarian perspective

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Nearly four months with no posts. Got to say I'm missing some intelligent thoughts on the issues of the day

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Presumably this crusade is about conviction. “Dave, the election is coming ever closer but you’re not seen as believable by the electorate. We need to find an issue where you can be seen to express complete conviction, something that lends itself to core values, to virtues, which will speak to our likely voters, and which is difficult to argue against…….. I know! Internet Porn is bad! Try taking the other side of that one ha ha ha”

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Completely off topic, but this is a powerful post from a Romani blogger on the Maria case

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The XFactor is an export of FremantleMedia (UK) and the general export of TV formats was worth about £590m in 2010

The British have been a powerhouse in the sector, but facing increasing competition

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I’d suggest that our last cultural export to have global impact was House music.

Having laid waste to dance floors from Beijing to Bahrain and Boston I can attest to the significance of its reach.
Granted the movement started in Chicago, and has drawn in influences from all over, but this was truly a British revolution in music tastes and entertainment. It has gained dominance throughout Europe, growing influence beyond, and sure as hell owes nothing to cosy nostalgia.

Mind you, I don’t know if the dollar value in the balance of payments holds a candle to Downtown, but you’d have to have a heart of stone to put a price tag on everything!

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That’s just being wilfully obtuse.

I’ll direct your attention to “You'll notice that the big decline took place in the seventies and eighties, long before the ban on tobacco advertising which was introduced in 2002, let alone the ban on smoking in public places (2006) or the introduction of graphic "warning" images on all packs in 2008.”

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Indeed for what it’s worth here’s an article on pubs in the Czech Republic (which has no ban) voluntarily adopting one, and the business case behind it.

I haven’t been able to find information on whether similar countries without smoking bans have noticed a similar decline in pubs, but here’s a list of the countries and I’d suggest that if they have, the social/technological factors are likely to be the prevalent force.

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Which is not to say that I can prove I’m right, or demonstrate the impact split between the smoking ban, booze prices & home entertainment systems, but anecdotally none of my (almost universally smoking) mates back in Dublin had a big issue with the smoking ban when it was brought in there (earlier) – in fact outside the pub door became the best place to chat up women, which certainly sugared the pill, and even they would admit that the pub had a nicer environment (though one of the major clubs in town was way nastier once you could actually smell it, the smoke having down sterling work dampening the stench up to that point).