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I can be overly critical on the new season, but a lesson learned with the Gala dresses causes me to stop. However, I'll let it spill a little...

The first two episodes were awesome, but the villain feels hugely underplayed, which makes me believe there's more than meets the eye here. Holy mother of bucks Pinkie Pie just shut up please now kthx. Trixie's return was grand, although I was disappointed in seeing that Sombra had nothing to do with the Alicorn Amulet whatsoever. Trixie's asking for forgiveness felt somewhat half baked, felt incomplete, and certainly cut off a lot of possibilities for future Trixie encounters. The addition of a new CMC was spectacular, and the song is catchier than the Flim Flam song by a hair. Seeing Scootaloo with RD in that awesomesauce bonding moment was enough to make me cry inside, and some sort of closure was added to that part of the fandom.

Applejack's episode was, by far, the most interesting in terms of what it revealed. Her bio parents are dead, her extended family is friggin gigantic and full of workaholics, AND GRANNY SMITH IS OLD AS DIRT (I did the math: She's just as old as Yoda). I was not a total fan of the song, but I let her have it, because she needs it.
He who wrote in "Git-R-Done" into the script needs a hoof through the face. It is an overused line with a less than stellar background, and it simply sickens me every time I hear it. Rewrite that four second segment, PLEASE. If LTCG himself voiced it, it /might/ have been acceptable, maybe.

Spike episode was long overdue, but was awesome nevertheless. For someone who cleans so well in the Library, how does he make such a mess at AJ's?

tl;dr: Great so far, a couple of bumps that made it feel rushed. Plenty of new source material to work with. More please!

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Random bit: Listen to #2 and look at #1. Mind. Fuck.

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That's okay, because I'm here to give you a friendly reminder that you're fired from the pun job.

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Why do I know who he is but can't remember his voice?

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Yo Dawg! We heard you like addictions. So we put an addiction in your addictions and mixed it with other addictions so you can be addicted while you're addicted.

Not even a rehab facility can save you now.

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Yep. Rex=Leia, Leia=Part Jedi, so Rex=Part Jedi, if it were not for his stubby arms.

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This is interesting indeed. Now all we need is for this thing to actually fire thunderbolts from its cheeks, and we're all set.

For the scientists, all of these years of playing God finally paid off. Now to make a giant living snake thing out of boulders!

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Rush, just about how much does Gutsman weigh?

He weighs OVER 9000!

I'm surprised that nobody made this joke yet. I am disappoint.

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That's just fucking creepy. Sorry.
What's worse is that I was already freaked by something earlier.
DAMMIT LINK! WHY? Instead of saving the world, you decided to take to the seas to make really awkward beats with Tingle! FUUUUU....

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Maybe Nintendo is trying to tell SEGA something?

Sonic Party? but where Sonic is the only character anyone wants to play because he's fucking OP? And nobody wants to play the weird character.
Sonic Sports? where every character seems to be balanced out somehow, but sonic still rapes at the 100m dash?
SEGA has seemingly become the ugly red-headed stepchild in the business. Maybe they will come through. Sometime like, when Duke Nukem Forever is released...