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And C) I trust the Liberals far more when it comes to reducing the size of federal government, as they would undoubtedly be more transparent, willing to compromise on where/what to cut as well as listen to experts, even what the world renowned StatsCan may provide for example.

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A) Wish he would bother talking to Canadians about his plans, maybe even letting a debate occur with some details to chew on.

B) Attack ads unfortunately work, (necessarily) long winded explanations that include nuance and details are not picked up very well and in fact can lead voters to tune out. The fact that the Liberals are rolling the potential consequences into one very easy to understand (and legitimately potential) outcome does not equate to the Liberals being oblivious, or morally/intellectual inferior in the slightest to the fear-mongering Harper Govt.

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And of course Richard, we need to point out to Dennis here that Harper forced the election. The "losers" (who will no doubt get more Canadians votes than Harper again) only stood up for Canadians and did their jobs - it is Harpers fault we have an election.

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Why is it always if Ignatieff defeats a minority CPC - Layton (who has told Harper to his face he cant trust him), seems maybe even more likely to direct his party to vote non-confidence as the possibility of the Liberals doing so.

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Please substitute "meaningless process issues" for the way more correct "bypassing democracy".

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The Liberals intentions are to win. Ignatieff wont resign on election night because he is not a sitting PM nor at the end of his political career. If parliament doesn't have confidence in an elected Harper minority, I am sure that the party with the next most seats will try to govern by consensus.

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Don't blame Conservatives?!?!?!?! What are they incapable of hearing all the reasons its not a good bill to pass and making a decision to drop it?? They just HAVE to push it through because the Liberals mulled it over for a bit? You're an idiot and the Conservatives are creepier by the second.

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It wasn't the AG who released it. The AG office shares close drafts with departments who may then wish to provide more info., or just prepare the way they will respond to the media. The copy the CP saw was one of those shared drafts.

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With the winds I smell a touch of Afghanistan, In-n-Out, meddling with RCMP, $B more for planes, and structural deficits.

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The Libs/NDP/Bloc have already shown tremendous patience with the Harper Govt. and we can see they do not vote against motions of confidence willy-nilly. It will be Harper's fault if this scenario plays out, I would not expect Harper (of 04' or today) to leave the GG alone nearly as long as the Liberals would if the roles were filpped.