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i hate when they add achievements late, i've made tons of comments but for some reason none of them counted until now

it's like psychonauts all over again

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well shit son i'm already there so let's start a whole fuckin' freakazoid thread

look i want to apologize for earlier, the gong thing is actually really nice

there is nothing to fear except fear itself. and this airplane going down in flames. but that won't happen with me on the job! then again, i am the only one with this little jetpack.

post your favourites and then sob uncontrollably

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Wait, the universe is crumbling... and a major female character just got pregnant...


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i've seen art school midterm projects that lasted longer heyoooooooo

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tangential question have you ever thought about starting an /r/chainsawsuit

you could get a lot of upvotes and build karma v.quickly i think, then you'd be able to buy all the ads and forge an evil empire of straubiverse comics and destroy all your opposition

i don't actually know how reddit works to be honest

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this happened to me

except instead of coors man crashing through my window, i just got a drinking problem

those were good times actually, getting fucked up on cheap sherry and then posting largely illegible things to twitter and hitting on women in california over skype

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the best part of this post is you still have 10 characters left to add a hashtag #fartbutts

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i was never a fan of todd mcfarlane's reboot of 'slim goodbody'

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you need to post a link to this comment for that one guy on formspring

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luckily when they decided to add ophiuchus to the zodiac most of us virgos got shifted up into leo (or at least that's what i've been telling everybody)

also your ascendant is more important than your solar sign and mine is libra so i'm actually a legalized ass-kicking machine and not a pussy introvert

goddamnit i'm so alone