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I voted for the Swedish green party: Miljöpartiet de Gröna

Who did you vote for?

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Or maybe he should just reverse his pro-coal stance?

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I agree with you that making buildings more energy efficient is important. But the real change will come from the political decisions we make.

For example. How are you supposed to speed up or kick-start the process of making buildings more energy efficient without a strong political support for it?

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Amazing photos!

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Yes I completely agree. This could be a real boost for Africa as well as for Europe. And it's a great way for the two continents to come closer together.

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However we also need to take other personal actions that make the climate criminals and war criminals ACCOUNTABLE for their appalling crimes.
Although it is honourable and something I look forward too I don't think we will ever be able to prosecute climate criminals (unless it's an mob of climate refugees seeking justice in their own way).

If Obama won't even prosecute his country's shameful torturers how are we supposed to be able to prosecute climate criminals?

Lars G Josefsson who is the CEO of Vattenfall, which is one of the worst climate offenders in Europe, have become a climate advisor(!) for the German and Swedish government. It's disgusting! Here we have a company that is investing heavily in coal power and that yearly produces more greenhouse gases than the whole of Sweden combined, but how does our leaders treat him and his company? They turn him into a climate advisor...

The world is crazy!

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I am sorry. But I don't really understand your point. Or what you are trying to say.

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We should be happy that man-made climate change isn't happening much faster than it already is!

If people feel that the science shows a problem that is too hard to face and deal with they will just give up. But I am also afraid that people in the West won’t understand the severity of the climate crisis because scientists downplay the science. Or that they will not act and put enough pressure on politicians until they actually see the effects of climate change with their own eyes. But then it would be too late!

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"I don't think your response is fair." And I guess as a "scientist" you came up with that conclusion? Allow me to laugh out loud.

I don't want to waste my time to refute crazy denialism talk. Or like Al Gore once said:

"I want to be polite to you," Mr. Gore responded. But, no. "The scientific community has gone through this chapter and verse. We have long since passed the time when we should pretend this is a 'on the one hand, on the other hand' issue," he said. "It's not a matter of theory or conjecture, for goodness sake," he added.
The only reason why I did not delete your post was that it was somewhat civil compared to the rest of the deniers posts. But I am always forgetting that you should never feed the trolls.

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"and as a scientist"... And I am the King of the World!

Now please go away and spread your misinformation and denialism on another part of the Internet.