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I absolutely adore that second look, the pop of green on the inner corner is just stunning!

OMG I am SO jealous that you're off to Europe. Take billions of photos and buy lots of sparklies for us! :D
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Demure looks awesome on her! Great job :)
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Cuuuuuuute ^__^
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The teal flash is STUNNING! *___*
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All three are beautiful! If my lip product collection wasn't currently a huge source of guilt for me, I might go check them out :P
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Cuuuute :3 good to see you posting again! (Says she who fell into a time rift herself....)

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This colour is beautiful on you! I feel you on the weather, I'm currently reading this while snuggled in bed under a mink blanket :3 I've been wearing bright Barbie pink cheeks and lips lately though, as if it were Summer!
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Pretty, pretty! These browns look great with your eye colour :)

Now that I think about it, I think all the brown eyeliners I own are red-toned :S
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Eurgh this just makes me uncomfortable to look at. In the photo on the left it looks like she's in pain and blinded by the sun, and in the photo on the right she looks like she smelled something awful and is, again, temporarily blinded.

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If it can last through a sweaty music festival, it sounds like it'd work for me! I may go check these out, I'm really into cream products that set lately :)
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