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Harkin wants to do away with the super majority bit. Destroying our Republic.

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Only Democrats are allowed to post it seems.

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Why do some folks worry so much about the will of the people?...>>> That is the Democrats basic mantra unless it possibly could not agree with their agenda ?

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We have excelled to this point without pre school. Those who are certain of its value are credible enough to find funding without the imposed support of everyone. Please, for the financial general welfare of the entire state, concentrate you effort on private or personal funding.

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Preschool is an expensive babysitter , if you work and or otherwise can afford it go for it , if not , forget it.

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The silent majority has spoken, all that is now left is minority whinings.

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His position was verified by the results of judge removal vote. No one can change that outcome or majority attitude.

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Some of you folks sound as though we should rid ourselves of this corporate thug. Much as we have most of the Iowa job producers such as Matag , for instance., A lot of us contributed our lifetime efforts to this "Corporate mean spirited firm". All I have received in return has been 28 years of comfortable retirement and counting.

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The $29+ a month thing came in at much more, could not get it easily shut off once they got the required credit card number. So eventually sent back the receivers and closed out the whole deal for another couple hundred bucks or so. Had to take all of the junk off the roof myself. Never did find out what some of the charges were for , finally got someone on the phone and got things shut down after telling them that I was going to have to turn the whole thing over to a lawyer.. My dumb not theirs. Went back to the good old locally owned cable company plus my own antenna on the roof for local HD.
Once they get you wired in and your credit card number, it's Katy bar the door it seemed.

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Iowa needs industrial growth, Will require improved labor relations . History has not been kind to industrial investments of late. Witness the departure of major job providers after breakdowns in labor relations and devastating strikes. Many other factors contributed , however unfavorable labor relations is a major factor.
Tax supported short term spending does not establish long term stability.