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This might provide legitimacy to services like mp3tunes which provide the same functionality . Dont know about the legal position because Apple is actually selling the songs to you whereas mp3tunes just uploads your own songs

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You say INOX already has a more than 50% stake in Fame. How can Reliance Mediaworks pick up more than 74% unless INOX decides to sell its stake ? I am confused

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I agree with you. This must just be the gift of a new unlocked model (not released to market) and these guys are using the Google Phone name to get @arrington and @techcrunch excited and get a couple of new posts up

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Opera Mini 4 was absolutely unusable on my HTC hero. I uninstalled it within 10 minutes. There was no way i could enter the address in the field. I think it was designed for phone with hardware keyboard. I was impressed with Opera Mini on P1i but it was a major disappointment on HTC hero . Hoping for best with Opera Mini 5

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I have also been receiving SPAM lately from Justdial and have actually reported it as spam in Gmail. It is quite ridiculous that justdial should be resorting to spamming although they seem to have quite a good user base

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I tried the browser and its good. But the Hero browser already has multi touch support buil in. Although the multi touch experience is much better in Dolphin than in the default

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@sunny nice to think about 4g but where is the spectrum ? And what about the policy decisions that will ne delayed indefinitely by our honourable minister

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@Shashi I agree regarding the fact that revenue share would have been a better option. But regarding underpricing I think you are wrong . There will be four slots and many bidders. There will be natural price discovery I guess .

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As you rightly mentioned that the real worry is that 3G spectrum will be used more for voice and less for data. The operators are trying to increase VAS revenue but none (except Aircel) is really speaking about internet usage on mobile. Even now it can be big if priced properly. In US / Europe data is very big and for smartphone users data charges are 50% or more of voice charges. The Indian operators and also government should understand that the only way they can increase broadband penetration is by using 3G services for wireless broadband.

But I am certain that 3G will be used for voice more than data. Whenever you hear telecom management speak about 3G you hear about how they can manage more subscribers if they have 3G.

Even some operator decides to use 3G more for mobile broadband then it should be priced reasonably. MTNL / BSNL have failed because of their brand image among customers and the absolutely ridiculous pricing level where they are charging per MB. Get people to use 3G with reasonable pricing and I am sure we will see date usage rising exponentially

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Nikhil, The failure of the iphone 3G to make a dent in the market should have made the manufacturers realise that this type of pricing wont work in India. I dont think there will be many takers for HTC magic when people will expect the Iphone 3GS in couple of months at a couple of thousand bucks extra. Apple may even release the original 3G at around 25K to make more of a dent in the Nokia market. All in all this pricing wont work in India