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Read this thanks to you, Dave. Rarely read TC bc I don't want to know about the latest company that does something derivative off Twitter.

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I found this through Fred's blog and I love this post.

To answer your question - I use it often when I am in India, where it is the norm when I am in a traditional setting, especially with elders. I was taught, as a child to say "Namaskaram", the South Indian version of Namaste, to my elders. It means I salute the god in you. I believe every person had god in them. Even people who appear horrible have a tiny spark of goodness somewhere and by saying Namaskaram to them, I am not saluting the horribleness, but acknowledging that there is good in them too.

Now, what stunned me when I came to your site is the Tat Tvam Asi on the right hand side. So few people understand what that means. It is an incredible, powerful phrase. In fact, I have named my production company Tatvam (different, but similar).

Nice to visit your blog.

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Great points, Josh. In addition to the PayPal issue, eBay did this for many, many products as the years rolled on. Every product was reviewed by legal and trust and safety and every time a tweak was made for one of those reasons you could bet it was getting at least a little less usable.

From a startup perspective, not only should one realize that large companies won't take the risk, they will also not be as bold on the marketing and communications and their CYA processes will slow them down a ton. Unless you are aiming at the core of their profitability (where they will react quicker), there are tons of opportunities to nibble away at non-core, but juicy bits of their business.