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In my opinion, the reason the Cheney administration let OBL slide at Tora Bora is because taking him out so soon could've negated the casus belli for the GWOT in the eyes of Boobus Americanus. The Israeli-firster neocons and the military-industrial-congressional complex couldn't take a chance on letting that happen.

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Refute what?! All that redundant drivel you put out? You're like a broken record. I seriously doubt that most people even take time to read those repetitive and boring, page-long screeds you seem to champion. And for a 'bodkin,' you're not particularly sharp. I get the feeling that more folks than just Giraldi are laughing at your silly name-calling gibberish.

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The point is that if the runways are bombed, the AAA (antiaircraft artillery) will be shooting at those aircraft...surface to air missiles, too. That's why Mr. Bovard says we need a Congressional Air let those couch commandos do the dirty work and get their asses shot off for a change.

Your comment about Kerry never being a genius is apropos. Where the hell does he think most of the AAA batteries are positioned if not in direct defense of military airfields?

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I think you might've missed Jason's point a little. I believe any US intervention, regardless of how it might be masqueraded, would ultimately be in support of the Gadhafi regime. You see, even though it's now come out that the son-of-a-bitch personally gave the order to down Pan Am 103, he remains 'our' son-of-a-bitch because of the Bush twerp's deal with the devil. The US government is deathly afraid of self-determination in the Arab Middle East just as it will eventually crack down on self-determination right here at home.,,probably by direction of Israel and AIPAC when the time comes.

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It might help if you translated the above into something coherent..

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All 'institutions' eventually come to exist strictly for their own sake and nothing else.

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Exactly! Been saying that for years. Good for you.

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Great essay, Mr. Bacevich. Unfortunately you're preaching only to a tiny choir compared to the bubbas and the boobeoisie. Most will never see this...and if they did, few would bother to read it...and of those, damn fewer yet would understand it. More's the pity.

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With this authoritarian goon-like jackass chairing das Heimatland Security committee, don't expect any forthcoming congressional relief from the toady Janet Napolitano's ongoing efforts to turn this country into a full-fledged absolutist, locked-down police state.

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Be careful of what you ask for. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they devised the electoral college. If you want California and the Eastern Seaboard to solely decide the outcome of all presidential elections, then by all means do away with the electoral college. Admittedly, it's not perfect but is a far cry better than a national popular referendum. The Founders loathed and distrusted pure democracy, particularly at the federal level. It's that peculiar system whereby everybody tries to live at the expense of everybody else. We are supposed to be a republic, not a democracy. And see now how far we've slid down that slippery slope.