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Much agreed! I've had this for about 6 months now, and must say that it works as it's supposed too. I remember being out of town for a couple days, and was bored with TV in my hotel room. So I decided to watch a movie that was on my PC at home. Worked great. Definitely worth the $3.00

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Awww man, I'm sorry to hear that Patrick. I will be praying for you and your family. I know it has to be hard on your daughter too. :( Having had long term pets throughout my life, I can relate to the pain that is being felt by your family. One positive is that you all will always have the memories of the enjoyable times that were spent with your dog. And as long as you keep those memories alive, he'll always be with you!

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Thanks for the breakdown Thomas. I've been keeping up with all the new 'do-dads' in OS 4.0 so I can be on top of my game when the new iphone drops. Appreciate it!

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Wow, that's a lot of downloads!! Well deserved though, because like you Frank, it has never left my phone! It was one of the first apps I ever downloaded, and find it to be the most accurate(well, as accurate as weather forecasts can be) and informative. I don't need all the pretty screens and animations, I just want to know how I need to dress and do I need to bring an umbrella!! And for that, nothing beats TWC.

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Pretty clear and concise. Can't argue with the man...he has a clear vision in mind on where he wants to take his products.

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Getting it now....These are F'ing hilarious!!!!!

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Count me in! Always open to try a new RSS reader. Been using Reeder, but I really miss my search feature...

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Most definitely! I signed up when the 3G released, and for my 3GS a year later I used my cousin's upgrade and gave him my old 3G. So now my account is again eligible for an upgrade. Should be day 1 seeing that my wife is a manager at an AT&T store! It's good having connections! lol

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What's the likelyhood of 2 Frank Catalano's reviewing the same gear??? Kinda freaky!! LOL

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This is very good news. Ive switched several times between twitter apps. Not that i'm a huge tweeter or anything, but when i do fire up the app I want the best experience possible. Hopefully now with Twitter acquiring it's own app, it will take advantage of the many features available through Twitter.