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Hi Ted, I echoe Jaynes words and express a deep appreciation for adding so much for us to consider.
I really respect that you challenged things and never always accepted ideas because it was delivered. Your insights and personal reflections added so much depth and range to my experience here. I am very grateful to have this journey with so many dedicated seekers- so Thank You everyone!
I wish you a wonderful trip ...may your journey continue to be blessed in many ways.
Thank you again Brian & Vishen for making this all happen!
From my heart to yours,

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Hi Jayne
Just wanted to drop a personal note of THANKS for sharing your wonderful comments and insights during this 50 Days. My best wishes to you !!
Shivana :)

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Hi Tom
Ive really enjoyed reading your insights over the 50 days. A heartfelt THANK YOU for sharing your insights with us :)
Have a great weekend and best wishes for your book!

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“Performance, health and happiness are grounded in the skillful management of energy.”
When i find myself getting lost in the clutter of mind chatter, I bring myself back to the moment by focusing on my breathe and reconnecting with myself. In that state of flow it all comes together and I realize that i actually can feel my stress level zero-out in that state of being.
I am a work in progress, a willing participant and really enjoying where I am at now...which brings me to me other fav idea - “You must be the kind of man who can get things done. But to get things done, you must love the doing, not the secondary consequences.” ~ Ayn Rand
I am in a wonderul state of being these days and realize that it is the intrinsic understanding that its all about energy and vibration. What we have shared here has been a forum where I have come to understand things, not through logic, but a higher sense of awareness, connection and being. Thank you so much for this opportunity ! Looking forward to the next 50 days!
Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

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Didnt want the last day of our 50 Day Challenge to end without expressing my deepest gratitude to Brian, Vishen, the Finerminds team and all my "postmates" who have dedicated time and energy here. Thanks for sharing and taking me along such a great journey ! Its Friday night at 10 pm and this PN comes at the most perfect timing.

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“My concept of a new human being is one that will be Zorba the Greek and will also be Guatam
the Buddha: the new human being will be ‘Zorba the Buddha’—sensuous and spiritual. Physical,
utterly physical—in the body, in the senses, enjoying the body and all that the body makes
possible—and still a great consciousness, a great witnessing will be there.

This is really great stuff for me. I have witnessed the dichotomy in areas of my life and wrested with the forces that tried to sustain that dichotomy for years- Can spirituality exist alongside material well being? Can I experience and enjoy the sensuous and spiritual - and still sustain a great consciousness? Well my experience is yes. I have been coming into my own in ways that has allowed me to transcend what is expected and do my thing in a way that I know now is the right path for me to experience fully living in the East and West...

Another best for me is “Do things with your whole heart, with as much intensity as you are capable of.”
This is the most fantastic gift you can give yourself. Ive been experiencing it more and found that in living with this presence and intensity I am able to accomplish more with a more relaxed frame of mind and a greater sense of well being. I am also the witness, and it has bought so much fulfillment in my work life especially when I can look at challenges and express and FEEL gratitude for the gift I am being given.

I also feel better about experiencing new things and am ok with dancing between the extremes For me it has been about a journey of self discovery, about knowing who I am and feeling really comfortable in my own shoes. Have I mastered myself.? Certainly not, but I am observing, I am listening to the music and still dancing.

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Thank you again for sharing your insightful words. Yes, If we really knew then what we know now.... hmmm

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That is such a great insight Peter!
That idea of asking the question is really fantastic!
After asking "what can I do now?" you get the list of possibilities, so for me "What do I do next to serve my highest purpose" will guide my action... so wonderful
Thank you again for that Peter!

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I really love the ideas shared in this book. I share a lighter side to this with a recent personal experience. The Universe does have a lovely sense of humor I must admit, and the packaging may not always be like we expected.
I made a list few days ago of the things I was committing/recommitting to for my personal growth - following the principles of Enlightened living...I wrote of my engaging in daily meditation and exercise, mastering my mind, serving others in work, respecting my time... a good list to start I thought.
So what happens? I get a call close to sunrise around 6 am from my dad while I am preparing to begin part of my morning ritual of meditation. He says his house is flooded from a busted pipe. He needs help.
What happens ? Well I manage to kill a few birds with one stone.
Three inches of water to scoop and bail with buckets got me lots of exercise. The repetitive action and sound of water helped me silence my mind in a peaceful meditative state and my work for the next two hours until the job was done got me a chance to serve selflessly. Talk about asking for what you want and getting it!
On a more serious note, I found the journey shared in this book was really inspiring. It is interesting when and how that doorway appears how truly liberating it is to pass through and follow the enlightened path. It is not always easy, but it seems that if we can remain open and flexible, we are allowed to do so with a sense of grace that is very empowering.
Thanks Brian for another great book.

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I have been following my intuition all through my life, but not until I tabulated my score did I realize how many of my life experiences have been created by following my gut - including my choice of career and how I work. My work as a Clinical Integrative Reflexologist and Facilitator now helps me help others make the "reconnection".
I am so very grateful to the beautiful voice in my head. The voice that has been guiding and protecting me, and that has allowed me to follow such an incredible path and through so many remarkable experiences.
Now if only I can find the man of my dreams!! :) lol