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McKenna is disingenuous to say I insinuated a picture of two gay men kissing is akin to incest. I did no such thing. My reply: Incest a stretch from discomfort ( He was loose with his opinion in other areas as well, but this one misrepresented me in a most terrible way. Incest is despicable.

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I've got to hand it Daniel Rolland for his entrepreneurial spirit and sense. Good going, Daniel.

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I don't remember a negative thing coming from Elizabeth Edwards. We need more of those in the world. Sad to see her go.

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So Ripcord, instead of finding fault, argue the point for William Blent. If the definition of marriage were to be redefined to include same-sex couples, why not polygamy? And, sure, argue for polyandry as well if you wish. But, give rational and factual argument, please. And, just because someone defines marriage as between one man and one woman, that doesn't mean it is "dogmatic mush." Plenty of people for centuries defined marriage that way, and many were not a bit religious. This definition is beyond religious. It's cultural.

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Jadam12, my train of thought is in defining marriage. I believe marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman. If that is to change, where are the boundaries? If same-sex couples are included in the definition, why not multiples of one sex or the other? I'm not addressing spousal abuse, and I don't want this discussion sidetracked with this separate issue.

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Please clarify your point.

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William Blent, today's challenge for you is to give rationale and factual argument as to why polygamy should not be accepted in the law of the land if same-sex marriages are.

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Hi Jadam12,

Let me first say I am willing to jump through almost whatever it takes to make the flying public safe. However, I see government is terrific at catching some things but more at inconveniencing the public while terrorists get away with their next idea or even old ones that aren't caught because of "human error." Someone can walk through the exit, for example, while we’re all taking off our shoes and boarding without carrying a lipstick. As I boarded a plane recently, one of my thoughts was that passengers are the government's most reliable line of defense. Passengers needed to be prepared to stop an attack themselves because the screening efforts have too many holes.

When I cross a bridge on our highways, I want to be safe and don't want to have to think of myself as the last inspector of the bridge. The same goes for air travel. (Now, bridge safety actually is bad, too, but that is a topic for another time.)

I understand government is doing something. It’s just not sufficient. Government needs to be ahead of the attacks rather than being reactive.

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I hardly see The Government/President actually perceiving the problem and even semi-actively seeking a solution. Passengers take their shoes off for inspection and cannot carry sufficient hair shampoo for a week so they need to check their luggage. Do I feel safer? No, I don't for the very reason that Government falters with a reliable tip and allows boarding of a passenger with a powerful explosive powder and a syringe full of acid.

The law-abiding flying public lines up at security while the lawless laugh. A while ago, I became a flagged passenger by flying round-trip in one day and carrying no luggage. I got the full treatment, too, and even my camera was suspect because I use hand lotion with glycerin in it, which was on the camera in miniscule amounts. How could The Government/President drop the ball on such a mountain of evidence against the Nigerian? Boggles my mind.

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In the Oval Office on July 22, Thomas S. Monson, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presented President Obama a gift. The gift was five large leader-bound volumes of his family history going back hundreds of years. Since the Church has a distinguished reputation for excellence in family histories and genealogy, I am sure its researchers gathered Obama’s truthful history. Consequently, though I have not seen Obama’s birth certificate myself, I do not doubt he is a U.S. citizen.

Here's a link to the story:

And, here's a link to President Obama's official statement: