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Well duh, no problem can't be made worse with fire...

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I am heavy weapons guy... and this... is my cheese. She weighs one hundred fifty kilograms and is made with two hundred dollar hand-filled bottles of cream cultured in ten thousands vats per minute. It costs four hundred thousand dollars to finely age my cheese... for twelve seconds.

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Damn, look at Link's left arm...

"My only regret is that I have Bonitis."

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Gotta love the "Submissions you might like" bar...

Is the website suggesting the best course of action now is to eat the poliwhirl corpse?

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Well, I did hear a rumor a while back that they're working on making peelable peanut butter, you know, it would come in a little plastic wrap kind of like individually wrapped slices of american cheese.

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I'm confused, it looks like you're either talking to yourself, or whoever you were replying to deleted his comment, essentially performing the Halolz equivalient of Ragequitting.

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So, if they make a film based on MGS4, it'll be called, Metal Gear: The Movie: The Game: The Movie?

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Awesome! Engineer's getting a scoped shotgun! At least, that's what I think it is...

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Scout's got a severe case of ADHD, Soldier's quite obviously got PTSD, Pyro's... a pyromaniac, Demoman is a raging alcoholic, Heavy has several imaginary friends, the Medic is a sociopath with a medical license, the Sniper's a crazed gunman, and the Spy likes to pretend he's other people. Now the Engineer's got Turrets; this team is putting the "Fun" in "Dysfunctional".