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Shannon Prediction update.
3 of our 4 friends are now engaged
Satellite radio now interacts with iTunes. Not sure how it works but you can send data from your car.

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I need to figure out some new songs for my phone. It's a shame piano doesn't really lend itself- I tend to gravitate toward piano songs. "It Must Be Love" was so funny as a ringtone but like you said- I missed a lot of calls because I just couldn't hear it.

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I was really skeptical about this device. I remember the first electric litter box he bought. It was a hot stinky mess. This time he was telling me that we would be connecting the thing to water and the drain. I was NOT optimistic. I must say though, that I was really, really surprised and impressed with Cat Genie. We literally don't have to deal with cat waste any more. I agree that the only complaint is that the scented litter smells too strong...I'm looking forward to getting the unscented stuff. Cat Genie was definitely worth the gamble.

Yay Michael!

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Funny, that I was in the house and rather than coming in to say "Hey come look at this" you just IM me with the link to your blog later in the day. OK...I will concede that a) I had been sick all week and looked like fresh road kill in cute pjs and b) was on a con call..but I still find it funny.

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I will change my hair color at some point this year.
Four of our friends will become engaged
Three of our friends will get knocked up (someone is probably pregnant now)
Your dad will buy a Powerbook
My mom will paint some room in her house
Satellite radio will introduce a feature that allows you to purchase music and email playlists at the push of a button (in your car)

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I'd like to see the unedited footage of that interview. Looks like a great film...makes me want to break out some Tim Burton in the meantime.

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Silver paint? How 'bout your office? I'd have to see the color. But you know me, if it's not hideous and it drastically improves the picture, I'll probably agree to use downstairs.

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The snowman is actually 8 feet tall but looks much smaller due to forced perspective. ;)-

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You were looking kinda crazy in that footage. G said, "I dont' want to watch this video any more"